Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Jobs Before and After

Singer Nicole Scherzinger has been rumored for a while now about a large number of plastic surgery procedures, from nose job to brow lift and breast implants.  We think that she maybe got some of them but not everything about her looks plastic.
About her nose we think that besides a rhinoplasty, it could be the result of her mixed heritage and good make up use because it changes from one picture to the other to sort of come back to the initial shape, in the case that she actually got the nose job, it was a good because it still looks natural.

About her breast we think that she maybe got some breast implants at some point of her career, sometimes they look bigger and better projected and sometimes they look smaller, this could be the result of the kind of bra and clothes that she is using, but for the average size and these bikini pictures, more recently her breast looks too round and projected to be completely natural, again, we can only guess about these things.

Nicole Scherzinger is showing off her Perfect Bod on the cover of Maxim Mag!
Nicole Scherzinger on Maxim cover, Nicole Scherzinger breast implants, Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery

“Lead Pussy Cat” and Dancing With The Stars champion, Nicole Scherzinger, is showing off her incredible body on the cover of Maxim this month!

Nicole’s breast implants look flawless in this picture, so kudos to her plastic surgeon… he did a fantastic job. They are perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body, they’re not too high, and they have as much of a natural slope as they can possible have in someone who’s as thin as Nicole.

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When you’re as slim as she is, it can be very difficult to make breast implants look 100% natural because there’s nothing to hide the implant.
Breast implants can be placed in two different positions:

When an implant is placed under the muscle, it has 4 layers of tissue covering it:

When an implant is placed above the muscle, it only has 3 layers covering it:

In women who are very thin, the fat layer doesn’t offer much in the way of camouflage, so the implants take on that very fake-looking “stuck on” appearance. In cases like this, it’s crucial to place the implants under the muscle so that there is as much tissue hiding the implant.

Interested in getting breast implants, but don’t want them to look “fake”?  Check out this fantastic article on… The Top 4 Ways to Avoid the “Fake” Look With Breast Implants.

Is Nicole Scherzinger a Plastic Surgery Doll?

Pussycat Doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger has a perfect body. But it doesn’t look likely that it’s the one she was born with. We looks at the rumors about Nicole’s plastic surgery.

Nicole Scherzinger, Breast Implants
Just-turned 30, Nicole’s breasts look like the result of a breast augmentation. Although they fluctuate in size, depending on the Doll’s costume, they certainly never look entirely natural. Her breasts ride high on her chest, and for a thin girl like Nicole, they are disproportionately large. In addition, they have a very round appearance, even when they are squished in her outfit, which isn’t usual for natural breasts. Her breasts are also set rather far apart on her chest and seem to have a deep canyon between them, another sign of implants.

Nicole Scherzinger, Rhinoplasty

Above the neck, Nicole has also most likely had some work done. Although her nose could be the natural result of her mixed heritage, it is more likely the result of a rhinoplasty (nose job). Although early pictures of Nicole are hard to find, Make Me Heal believes that we might have one. In the photo, Nicole’s nose is rather wide and has a very rounded edge. More recently, Nicole’s nose looks more pinched and narrowed and her bridge is more defined. While the result isn’t bad, it does have an unusual look to it, and depending on the angle can appear to be very fake.

Other plastic surgery rumors for Nicole include allegations of an eyebrow lift or blepharoplasty. Nicole is rather young to have needed the procedure, which is usually reserved for sagging eyelids due to aging. Arched brows can also be the result of Botox injections, but Nicole likely hasn’t had Botox yet either. Make Me Heal thinks that Nicole’s brows are natural and due in part to the very defined and arched shape of her eyebrows.

With Nicole entering her thirties, signs of aging and the hard lifestyle of being a touring performer might begin to catch up with her, so she may need anti-aging solutions like Botox and possibly fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to augment cheeks that may become sunken as she ages. To combat wearing heavy make-up, both on and offstage, Nicole may need to have peels and/or laser procedures like Fraxel and CoolTouch to smooth out her skin and help it retain a youthful glow.

Since first being discovered on a talent show, Nicole has successfully transformed her career and her body as she has grown from being a Pussycat Doll to being a solo artist and a sometimes actress as well.