Monday, August 12, 2013

Natalia Navarro Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs Before and After Photo

Miss Colombia for Miss Universe 2010, Natalia Navarro made headlines about a possible plastic surgery to improve her image, immediately after she won the pageant on her country.  It seems that many of her fans were asking her to have a nose job, but she maintained always that she didn't want to get a rhinoplasty saying that with this nose she won the contest, making the point that she didn't need to change herself to win Miss Universe.
It was hard to find pictures of her that we could use to compare since many of them look photoshopped, some to make her nose to look smaller, some others to make it looks bigger and less proportionate.  The ones that we found are the ones that we think could be the real deal. It is true that her nose looks a bit big for the rest of her features, but it doesn't look bad on her, if she doesn't want to get a nose job to change it that is her choice and nobody should be forcing her to make such a personal decision just like that. After all it seems that Natalia got the rhinoplasty done, so we will be waiting to see the pageant to compare her with the previous pictures.

Looking at full body pictures, it looks that Natalia Navarro is all natural since there are no signs of breast implants or other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Miss Colombia, Natalia Navarro, resisted social pressure to undergo plastic surgery on her nose, to come within an eyelash of being crowned as the pinnacle of female beauty at this year’s Miss Universe competition.
As the Cartagena-born beauty queen prepares for the pageant taking place this year in Las Vegas, U.S., she spoke to newspaper El Tiempo about her attitudes to success and to criticism.

Navarro sees her strengths as being her sense of humor and her legs, while her weakness is widely perceived as being her nose, which has provided her with nickname “eagle beak.”

The saga of Navarro’s nose has been the subject of much discussion and controversy around the Andean nation, as many Colombians have called for the beauty queen to undergo cosmetic surgery.

“I greatly respect the opinion of the people, but … I decided I will not do it because I disagree with cosmetic surgery, especially in beauty contests,” Navarro said.

“What makes a queen is her attitude,” she continued. “And my nose, even if it’s not perfect, makes me who I am, and that gives me the strength to show other features of my personality.”