Thursday, August 15, 2013

Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs Before and After

Natalie Portman who was born on 9th June 1981 is well known by public as actress and she also often appears for fashion product or even for magazine cover.
She began her professional career since she was eight years old as Revlon child model. Then this ambitious actress whose double citizenship, American and Israeli, expanded her career into the acting, one of her popular films is Black Swan in which she played as Nina Sayers in 2010. The more she became popular the more rumors addressed to her, not only for her fashion style, and private life but also her beauty. The recent rumors that addressed to her are dealing with her beauty appearance change, she was suspected to have plastic surgery procedures, nose job, for her nose shape change. Some people believed that she was under knife for her nose appearance change. On the other hand some also claimed that the change on her nose shape was the result of professional make up artist job. Which one do you believe? Did Natalie Portman have nose job or it was just of experienced make up illusion?
Looking at Natalie Portman Nose Job before and after pictures that have spread out on the internet, her latest nose shape looks like being slimmed and cut down meanwhile her nasal bridge is seemingly softly reduced. While her new nose shape is very left behind with her old nose shape which looks wide and big shape as if it was indefinite shape. Dr. Holocomb one of Florida States Plastic surgeons confirmed that her nose tip looks like being lifted up then it looks well defined. On the other hand, another plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills assessed that if she really had rhinoplasty project, her professional surgeon must have done it well and softly so she still looks natural as if she had not any nose job on her face. But Beverly Hills surgeon believed and convinced that she would not break her young and natural appearance by having plastic surgery procedures for the atheistic reason. And it is seemingly the same thing to Beverly Hills surgeon statement that Natalie also denies all the rumors addressed to her.
In short, based on the picture before and after she had nose job, her latest appearance seems to be her best appearance that we have ever seen in which her nose looks slimmer and more defined. Out of the truth and false dealing with Natalie Portman nose job we really admire that she now has more beautiful appearance since she was charged of having surgery procedures for her nose. If Natalie did nose job indeed, we should give credit point to her surgeon who has been successfully made softly her nose well defined so the rest of her rhinoplasty project did not remain on her face as if she has known well when she should take nose job and when she should stop it. There is nothing wrong when it started to think to live better whether we have to take plastic surgery or live without any surgeon knife scrapes as long as it can make their lives comfortable and happy. How would you say about it?
Natalie Portman never publicly admitted to plastic surgery giving us all the benefit of doubt. However, the actress says she won’t deny her openness to corrective surgery, adding that she may go under the knife if she feels that her wrinkles stand in the way of her career. The 31-year old admits that she worries about getting old saying: “As actresses approach 40, it starts becoming really, really difficult”.
Despite being a natural beauty in her prime, Natalie Portman’s plastic surgery experiences subtly show on her lovely face. Unlike other celebrities like Lisa Rinna and her lip surgery disastrous saga, Natalie seems to have had a very slight and subtle nose surgery so far. Unreliable sources insist that the youthful actress has recently started getting injections and fillers in her face, but it’s up to you whether to believe it or not.

Check out the pics of Natalie Portman before and after plastic surgery on her nose.

It looks like Natalie Portman did get a nose job which can be considered one of the most subtle and well-performed celebrity plastic surgeries. Before this minor enhancement the actress looked lovely, after the surgery she looks absolutely stunning. Her nose is trim, refined and perfect. Since the role of beauty in her industry cannot be underestimated, Natalie Portman and her talented plastic surgeon were right to arrive at a corrective decision.

Natalie Portman recently tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Benjamin Millepied looking lovely at their secret wedding ceremony in Big Sur, California. The actress hopes she won’t need cosmetic surgery soon, but she doesn’t completely rule out the idea of going under the knife. Now that she’s married to the Lord of the Dance with a perfect body, she should be all inspired to look equally nice.
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While old age signs aren’t a big problem yet, Natalie Portman will most likely turn to plastic surgery sometime in future. “If I have a pimple, I want to get rid of it”, the actress says. Everybody knows that unlike pimples, wrinkles are not that easy to do away with…