Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nicole Ritchie Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Nicole Ritchie has reignited rumours she has had breast surgery after wearing a low cut top while on holiday in France.
There were unconfirmed reports two years ago that the socialite underwent an augmentation procedure – but the 31-year-old has refused to comment.

“In the past, she said she wanted a lift, though we never thought she was serious,” a source said in 2011. “The pregnancies took a toll. She said breast-feeding killed what boobs she did have.”

Richie was on holiday with her daughter Harlow, son Sparrow and rocker husband Joel Madden. The happy couple have been married for two and a half years.

She later took to the beach in St Tropez in a revealing red bikini. According to the Daily Mail she looked tanned and happy as she stood on a boat, watching her husband and son on a jet ski.

Is Nicole Richie's breast implant true?
Hollywood celebrities often experience the knife to pursue perfection. Some of them do not alter drastically their appearances; they only got cosmetic surgery to improve a little bit their features. By these procedures of plastic surgery, they feel more confident and people seem not to realize they are unnatural.

Not born with big breasts, Nicole Richie - the star from “The Simple Life” and now a jewelry and fashion designer decided to have breast implants to improve them. Unlike many celebrities intend to do, she did not get very big breast implants, she just increased her breast size from AA to B cup. These new breasts are actually nice and natural on her body.

Some sources said that Nicole Ritchie had an eating disorder; people with that disorder cannot perform surgery. Whatever the rumor, Nicole Richie seems to have plastic surgery.

“To me it isn’t all that different from getting fake tans or teeth-whitening. Why grow old gracefully when you have the technology to prevent it?”, she said to People magazine.

A new reporter claims that Nicole Richie didn’t really like surgery; her breasts were larger when she was pregnant, but she had a change in mind and got implants.

Based on some before and after photos, Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery said that Nicole had definitely had a breast augmentation. In before photo, Nicole Richie is flat-chested but in after photo, she has more rounded shape which is not supported by her bikini top. “The curved shape of her cleavage and her lateral breasts are very natural for a teenage girl with perky breasts, but not for someone who has had a child and didn’t have full breasts to begin with", he added.

Nicole Richie gained a little weight (about 5 pounds); however, her breasts increased AA to B which is over proportion to her quite small weight gain. That is the reason why we think she underwent breast augmentation.

In case she actually got breast augmentation, she per
Moreover, Nicole Richie were satisfied with her body and continued to fulfill her wish for a new nose. The star told magazine TV Hits that she would like to have a change of her nose’s shape with cosmetic surgery.

“If I could change anything about myself it would be my nose. I see a lot of nose jobs in Los Angeles but it's a big decision", she said.

She had a really subtle nose job. It narrowed her nose’s width; the tip looks smaller and a bit lowered. Although her new nose is good, her natural nose may suitable for her face better. But a little different change of nose will sometimes give you the best in your facial attributes. Look at the picture to see how cosmetic surgery affects her face. You will be interested to realize her face looks longer for her new nose shape.

Perhaps chose a good size suitable for her body. It is better if she gains some more pounds. With new boobs, she looks great and she is more confident than she has ever been before.

It appears Nicole Richie is looking a little more busty these days. In new shots of the reality star turned fashion designer, her bikini does look rather plentiful.

An insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly (out today) that Richie got breast implants over the summer.

Celebuzz turned to Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to get his expert opinion. NOTE: Dr. Chiu has never treated Nicole; his assessment is based on analyzing numerous before and after photos.

"Nicole has definitely had a breast augmentation," Dr. Chiu tells Celebuzz. "In her angled before photos, she is nearly flat-chested in the upper half of her breasts. In the after photos, not only does she have volume in the upper half, but she has a more pleasing rounded shape that is not caused by any support of her bikini top. In the head-on photos, Nicole definitely has a cleavage that is not present in her before photo. The curved shape of her cleavage and her lateral breasts are very natural for a teenage girl with perky breasts, but not for someone who has had a child and didn’t have full breasts to begin with."

As far as the alleged augmentation, he adds that Nicole Richie made a good choice (we gotta say, girlfriend looks good)!

"I must say that she chose an implant size that compliments her frame well and has a very natural look, which are results that I advocate for all patients," Dr. Chiu adds. "Any woman who is interested in having fuller or bigger breasts is a candidate for breast augmentation. The key is to choose your size and shape carefully so that the implants complement your figure. Everyone has a range of implant sizes that can work well--- and as you go higher in that range, you tend to look longer, leaner, and better balanced; proportionate. When you go too large and pass that range, you will tend to look heavier and appear to be leaning forward, neither of which is attractive! Moral of the story is to choose your plastic surgeon wisely -- someone who not only has the skill and experience to give you a very good result, but has the eye to give you the best result."