Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cynthia Gibb Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Cheek Implants and Browlift Before and After

Cynthia Gibb is a huge fan of plastic surgery, as she has undergone a number of procedures like a nose job, brow lift, cheek implants and chin implants. She has not left any area of her face which is not touched by knife or needle. She has no regrets about what she has done and says that she is happy of what she has done with her body and all of her decisions are actually hers, so there is no need to regret. She is happy with the results of the surgeries, as she says that she has achieved through surgeries what she wanted to.
She also provokes others to undergo these surgeries and says that they would work on their skins the same as they have worked on her skin. She says to her friends that the surgeries would make them young once again and they should not miss much time if they are getting any signs of aging on their skin. Born in 1963 in Bennington, Vermont, the lady has been just 14 years old when she entered glamorous world. She first started working as a model and remained attached to this industry for many years, until she got a chance to kick off her career in acting.

She entered the glamorous world of modeling through Eileen Ford Agency, which took her from New York City and made her to appear on the covers of famous magazines like Vogue and Young Miss. It was during then when Woody Allen saw her on the cover of a magazine and sent her an invitation to work for him in his movie Stardust Memories. She took some thinking though, but then told the director that she was willing to work with his team.
You’ll probably remember Cynthia Gibb from the film ‘Youngblood‘ with Robb Lowe or the syndicated version of ‘Fame‘. She’s changed a lot over the years, namely, she’s gotten a chin implant, a nose job, a brow lift and cheek implants. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll realize that her plastic surgery has made her look like a different person. She doesn’t look bad, just very very different.

In the two photos below, notice that her chin is larger in the second photo. Also her nose looks straighter in the second picture and her cheeks more prominent. Her eyes are also larger.
Cynthia Gibb has gotten a fair bit of plastic surgery through the years, but it's always been subtle and almost undetectable. From before and after plastic surgery she actually looks almost the same. This 1st pic shows her after the nose job and Botox injections. Notice she still looks fabulous and doesn't have that fake Hollywood allure.