Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Natalie Cole Botox, Nose Job and Breast Implants Before and after Plastic Surgery

Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable Plastic Surgery 
Natalie Cole is following her “Unforgettable” duet with her dad, Nat King Cole by again using technology to record another duet with the deceased legendary singer for her upcoming album. But Make Me Heal suspects that while producers are working on the music, plastic surgeons are working on the singer.

Although Natalie Cole does not have delicate features, in her early years, her nose was very large. Lately, her nose has become much more narrowed and refined, although it is still large enough to not look fake on her face and the plastic surgeon took care to make the rhinoplasty subtle enough so as not to render the vocalist unrecognizable. Many black female celebrities have gotten rhinoplasties at some point in their career, and Natalie Cole is no exception (see Make Me Heal’s story on black actresses with nose jobs).

For a woman nearing sixty, Natalie Cole shows a shocking lack of wrinkles, which is the likely result of great genes and medical intervention. The horizontal lines on her forehead are nearly invisible, which could be the result of a dermal injectable like Botox, which is likely what she uses to keep crow’s feet around her eyes at bay as well. Other areas of her face where deep lines often show up, like between the eyebrows and from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial folds) are not nearly as pronounced as they should be at her age, likely the result of dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Natalie may have also dabbled in laser skin treatments such as Fraxel and Active Fx to keep her skin texture youthful.
Natalie’s cheeks are very pronounced, although they seem a little saggy. It could just be that she has had her cheeks plumped with fillers in the past and now gravity is taking its toll.

When people appear to be very young, often their neck is a dead giveaway of their actual age. This is true of Natalie. Although her neck is in fairly good shape, the skin is beginning to soften and sag enough that she may want to consider a mini-necklift to help better complement her more youthful face.

Natalie Cole, Breast Augmentation, Botox

Below the neck, Natalie may have gotten some work done. Although she has always been busty, in the last decade her bosom has become even more noticeable, prompting the possibility that she may have gotten breast implants. If Natalie Cole has indeed gotten a breast augmentation, then it has likely been a while since the surgery was performed. Breast implants require maintenance and Natalie’s breasts look like they have moved south, as befits a woman of her age, but they still have a roundness to them that isn’t entirely natural looking. If breast implants are indeed at play, then Natalie Cole joins friend and fellow crooner Whitney Houston in getting implants. See Make Me Heal’s story on Whitney Houston’s breast implants.

Still Unforgettable, a follow-up to Cole’s Grammy-winning 1991 cover album Unforgettable: With Love, will feature another father-daughter duet, this time on “Walkin’ My Baby Back Home,” which Nat recorded in 1952, in addition to pop standards.

When the album drops this September, Make Me Heal wonders if in the meantime Natalie Cole will perk up her slightly sagging breasts with a breast lift in anticipation of showing them off in a world tour to support the album.
It is really very astonishing and unusual thing that we do not see any lines and wrinkles on the face of Natalie Cole. She is in 60s right now, and it is impossible for a lady like her to have no signs of aging on her face, as getting these signs on face is a natural process through every person passes. When we compare the past and the recent pictures of the lady when she was in 40s, we notice that she did not have this face which she shows today. The older face of the lady used to show signs of aging on her face just like other ladies of her age. There were lines and wrinkles on her face and she was also getting frown lines and crow’s feet as well.

So, what is the reason that she does not show these things today? The answer to this question is that she uses certain injections which have helped her maintain her facial skin. She uses Botox, Restylane and Dermal injections which have made her young once again. Furthermore, she has also had a nose job and breast augmentation as well.  Through the nose job, she has reduced the size of her nose and the breast augmentation surgery has increased the size of her breasts.

The singer and songwriter were born in 1950 to Nat King Cole who was himself a legend of Jazz music. She rose to mainstream in 70s as an R&B artist through hit singles including Our Love, This Will Be and Inseparable.