Monday, August 19, 2013

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Breast Implants Before and After

The other young actresses who deny plastic surgery rumor that goes on her is Naya Rivera. It is visible easily that there is big changing on the shape of her breast, which is seen on her recent photos posted on internet. The big changing here makes her either being more famous actress or increasing her career fortunately. However, she had overdone plastic surgery that is noticeable easily by both ordinary public and the professional surgeon.
According to the comparison photo of her, it seems that her breast is not only changed into bigger and fuller ones, but also much pumping up than before. It might be the impacts of doing Breast augmentation years ago. Even her cleavage looks much fuller that is one of the indications for doing it. In summary, it shows that she has finished overdone Breast augmentation and the professional New York surgeon, Dr. David Shafer also stated that doing overfilled breast would make her appearance looked unnatural like this.
Naya Rivera has quickly became a big time celebrity, but she had more than a little plastic surgery along the way to get her there. It started with the standard breast implants and a nose job, but had recently gotten aggressive with the Botox injections. If you look at that face in the first photo there's no way she can deny that she's had Botox. There's not one wrinkle, line, or even sagging around her jaw line. Even though Naya Rivera is only in her 20's, she looks like a 35 year old trying to look young. It's just not a natural look.
In reality, people have realized some differences in Naya’s face and her body. Her cup size looks bigger, overfilled than the past.

She may be have cheeks implants that her cheek looks like to be more plumped. Her face looks smoothy without wrinkles, line, or even sagging around her jaw line by Botox injection. It’s not too difficult for someone to see her nose not the same before. Her nose now become higher and straighter. If comparing her picture before and after, you can easily find these changes.
Dr. Michael Salzhauer told us, “Naya Rivera clearly has had a breast augmentation as revealed by her very full cleavage, and has had a nose job as well revealed by her perfect profile and defined nasal tip.”
But many fans of her haven’t agreed with these rumor. One of them said “Naya Rivera is the reason any of the Glee actors still have a job since she is the ONLY reason for anyone to watch this mess of a show. And I doubt she is been getting too much botox or any, i think its a combination of bad lightening and make up that make it seem that way. she looks really beautiful in all of her other pictures. And she is right about what she said. she is just voicing what most of the GA are thinking”.                                                                                        
For these rumors Naya Rivera now hasn’t any official statement and denial about. And all of us have been waiting for her answer.