Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nelly Furtado Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Jobs Photos

1st let me say that I am a fan of Ms. Furtado, and think that she's an immensely talented pop stylist. Where talent is involved, looks shouldn't be the issue. However having coming across the following pics, I have to ask "Did she get PS?".
Singer Nelly Furtado was reluctant to film the making of her latest album because she struggled to write new music with cameras in the studio.

Record label bosses sent a videographer to document Furtado as she made The Spirit Indestructible so fans could watch her progress in weekly 'webisodes' posted on YouTube.com.

But the "Maneater" hitmaker admits the cameras interrupted her creative process.

She explains, "It's become a content-hungry universe. The most important person on your team nowadays is your videographer because they're constantly filming you. But I'm quite private, so I get a little bit nervous about that stuff. At first, I wasn't able to write a song with the cameraman in the room.

"I've always admired people who can write like that. I've been there at hip-hop sessions where Kanye West will walk in and write in front of all 20 guys in his team. I'd be like, 'Oh my God!'"
And Furtado insists it took some time before she could adjust, adding, "The videographer would stay in the room and I eventually forgot he was there. It takes practice. It's another creative relationship."

Nelly Furtado told to get boob job to succeed

Nelly Furtado has revealed that a producer she once worked with told her to get a boob job. The singer, who’s just released her album Spirit Indestructible, was asked in an interview what the worst piece of advice she’d ever been given was.
She replied: “I worked with a producer once who said, 'You should get a boob job - you'd be a knockout'," she said.
Speaking to The Metro, she added: "Unfortunately he made good music so I couldn't quit. It was completely out of context, this passing thought that just came out of his mouth."
Wow! We’d hate to speculate on who the producer is, but let’s hope that he isn’t so successful with all that good music he makes, or at least that he gets his just desserts in some way or another.

This is quite similar to the story fellow early-00s singer Pink told about how record boss L.A. Reid “told me/ You’ll be a pop star/ All you have to change/ Is everything you are.” And in the video you see a man who looks a lot like head honcho L.A. gesturing at a flip-chart with a picture of a stick woman with massive boobs scrawled on.
Nelly also put her oar in about the Twilight saga, saying that the franchise has lost its sheen for her now that Bella is no longer Team Jacob.

When asked if she has ever had a supernatural experience, she responded: “No but I hope to have one.I saw all the Twilight movies and became obsessed with the idea vampires were real.
"I really liked the Jacob story but lost interest when his relationship with Bella was over."