Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nicole Murphy Plastic Surgery Boob Jobs and Facelift Before and After

Nicole Murphy Admits To Plastic Surgery : Eddie Murphy Supports Her New Reality Show ‘Hollywood Exes’
Nicole Murphy Talks About Her BOOB JOB, Says Eddie SUPPORTS "Hollywood Exes" And Is Cool With Her Fiance'

Nicole Murphy was spotted out and about in L.A. yesterday and is spilling all the beans about her plastic surgeries and her life with Eddie Murphy in VH1′s new reality show Hollywood Exes. See more photos and watch the trailer below.

Nicole Murphy revealed that after five kids, she got her body back into shape with a little plastic surgery.  In addition, she talks about Eddie Murphy’s feelings on her romance with Michael Strahan.

It’s no secret that the stunning 44-year-old “Hollywood Exes” star has a killer bod, but she revealed to Entertainment Tonight yesterday on their show that she had a little help along the way.  She said,

“After nursing 5 babies, I had some saggy titties. When I had my fifth one, I said I’m getting some new titties.”
Waaaay back in January, we heard reports that Eddie Murphy's ex-wife Nicole Murphy had blown every penny of her $15 million divorce settlement!
At the time, we had also heard that she owed $836K in back taxes to the IRS, as well as $600K to a law firm, $60K to a landscaping firm, and $5 MILLION on her LA home!

Nicole Murphy Shows Off Her Sick Body In Hawaii

Nicole Murphy may just be my new fitness motivation.  The 45-year-old mom of five kids (YES FIVE) was spotted flaunting her amazing body this past weekend while vacationing with her fiance, Michael Strahan.

In a past interview with Follow The Lita, Nicole attributed her fierce physique to her obsession with fitness, which includes using free weights, cardio and Tae-bo. She also sticks to a diet that consists of her top three foods; chicken, oatmeal and salad.
I work out at least four to five days a week and have made it a lifestyle so it fits into my routine even when traveling. I do at least three types of stomach/ab exercises during all my workouts.

Exercising gives you a better opportunity to live free of a lot of the pains and restrictions associated with inactivity. Doing a little every day goes a long way to extending your life for yourself and your family. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look nice in a pair of jeans?