Friday, August 23, 2013

Nick Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Laser Liposution

Nick Cannon has been a victim of plastic surgery rumors in the past when the media sources made allegations that he is cosmetic and he does not have his own original look. All of these rumors and reports appear to be faked. The 27-year-old is married to 39-year-old Mariah Carey. The media source claim that he has had a nose job in the past to make his nose more pinched but the pictures of the star say that there is nothing like that. His past and the present pictures are the same and there is no difference between them so we can’t say that he has had a nose job in the past.
Similar allegations have also been made on his spouse Mariah Carey as well, but all of those allegations have proved true. It has been proved that she uses modern techniques to keep herself in shape. The husband says that for him she is the best lady in the world and he would love her forever. He says she is beautiful on the outside but she is 10 times beautiful on the inside.

On one occasion, he said that for him she is the most beautiful lady in the world and he does not think that the age difference is playing any role making them separate. He is still in love with her and he says that she is the most beautiful lady in the world for him.

Early this year bombshell Mariah Carey, the 39-year old singer married 27-year old rapper-actor, Nick Cannon.
Mariah had breast augmentation as well as laser liposuction . Possibly she had facial procedures to minimize the appearance of aging, including dermal injections such as Botox, Juvederm and laser skin treatments to maintain her smooth, poreless, wrinkle-free complexion such as Fraxel, Active Fx, and CoolTouch. A more drastic procedure is a possible rhinoplasty (nose job) to slim her nose as well as possible liposuction on her abdomen and thighs. Probably she needs a breast job to help her boobs stay firm and resist the force of gravity.
Nick her much younger husband does not need much plastic surgery but an obvious chin implant was carried out recently.