Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Breast Implants Before and After

If Nicki Minaj (Onika Maraj) ever did plastic surgery? Nicki Minaj, this 30 year old singer did change a lot during the past years and it’s certainly not just because of the makeup. Just check “Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos” below, you will find Nicki has done plastic surgery including nose job, butt implant and breast implants. Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery – nose job Nicki Minaj has done nose job and you can clearly see the changes if you compare Nicki’s nose job before and after photos! Nicki’s original nose was not straight and seems had wider bridge.
After the nose job, her nose became straight and narrower, which matches better of her face. Nicki Minaj nose job before and after photo. You can see more clear of the difference before and after the nose job. Nicki Minaj Butt implant Nicki Minaj’ butt implant has been rumored for years. Though normally she would rejected immediately, but once her friend Coco let slip that Nicki once revealed to her that her butt not real. According to reality star Coco, Nicki admitted to her that her glutes aren’t God-given as she let slip that, ”Yeah, I thought she came out with it. I heard it from her.”
 If you compare of Nicki’s butt shape now and at her teen’s age, it’s more certain that Nicki Minaj had a very flat butt before. You can see a series of changes on her butt. Nicki Minaj breast implants Nicki has done breast implant to match her huge butt and you can also see from the Nicki Minaj breast implants before and after photos below! Her breast seems much bigger now and she breast shape too round to be the real breasts. Nicki Minaj breast implants before and after

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery: Singer Settles Confusion Over Surgery Rumors

Nicki Minaj call her fans her "Barbies," but she insists her face is plastic free.
In an interview with "Extra," the 30-year-old singer denied rumors she's had extensive plastic surgery on her face.

”I’ve never had surgery on my face. They’ll see contour and they’ll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want," she told correspondent Renee Bargh.

The denial seems out of character for the "American Idol" judge, whose entire aesthetic is less-than natural looking, but we couldn't help but notice that she didn't mention anything about rumors her butt is fake. Older photos of the singer show she once had a far smalled backside than the one she sports today.

Minaj has also never taken a stance about her butt, the way she has about rumors she had work done on her face. In a 2011 interview with MTV2’s Funk Flex Full Throttle, Minaj explained that she doesn’t mind all the buzz around her plentiful bum.

“I don’t mind the questions, I don’t mind the fascination ... But I’ve said this before, it doesn’t define me. So, I try my best not to focus my energy on it," she explained. "Like, if you guys focus energy on and spend energy on it, I don’t mind it. You know, people are sitting in the barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are gonna do. As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m good."
Nicki Minaj Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nicki Minaj is fighting back after claims that she had plastic surgery on her face. In a new interview, Nicki reveals the secret to her flawless look — and it’s not what you think!
American Idol judge Nicki Minaj always looks super glam on the show — whether she is rocking pink hair or a crazy hat, she’s always making a statement. And now, she’s responding to haters who say she has had plastic surgery.

Did Nicki Minaj Get Plastic Surgery On Her Face?
In an interview with Extra, Nicki told correspondent Renee Bargh: ”I’ve never had surgery on my face. They’ll see contour and they’ll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at RuPaul’s drag race and you’ll see how you can make your nose look any shape you want.”

“When people see my makeup they think all types of crazy things that I’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup.”

Reality star Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of contouring and even tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo of what it looks like.
For her second lipstick shade in the VIVA Glam makeup line, she’s going for a more subtle look. “It’s a bit more grown and sexy and like… less is more.”

Nicki also said she would win an Idol sing off verses fellow judges Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey:

“Me of course!  Oh, I wouldn’t sing, I would just stand there and flash my boobs!”