Sunday, August 18, 2013

Natasha Hamilton Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants Photos

Natasha Hamilton, who suffered post-natal depression after Josh’s birth and had months of counselling after leaving the band in 2003, opened her heart on the The Big Reunion about her low points with Atomic Kitten and her depression. She admits to being shocked when viewers only focused on her appearance, saying: 'People don’t realise how their comments hurt. On the show, I was talking about personal things like depression, so it’s crazy to think the only thing some people took from that was: '"Look at her face!"'
In fact, the star is embracing getting older – and says a fourth baby is a possibility, revealing: 'I’m only 30 – I feel like I might get broody in a few years, but not in the near future. When I was wrapping presents at Christmas, I couldn’t imagine a fourth!'

And Natasha Hamilton admits she feels more confident now than when she was in Atomic Kitten, saying: 'I feel better than I did 10 years ago. I was young and I let the job take over, putting my health at risk. I went back to work too quickly after having an emergency C-section with Josh. And I was so self-conscious – I wore about three pairs of Spanx!

'I felt nervous at first doing this shoot, but when I saw the pictures I loved them. I’m much more confident than I used to be and feel proud – I have a wonderful husband and kids. The day before I turned 30, I cried happy tears – the best and worst things happened in my 20s and turning 30 was a fresh start. I couldn’t be happier going back into the band. I used to dread going on stage, but I’ve put my old demons to bed. I’m so excited for my sons to see me perform, I want them to be proud.'

Speculation is rife singer Natasha Hamilton has been under the surgeon's knife for more plastic surgery.

An article in the Daily Mail has suggested the singer has had another boob job and maybe some fillers injected into her face.
The former Atomic Kitten star has already confessed to having a boob job after she gave birth to her first child Josh, going from an A to a C cup.

However, the star has not admitted having more plastic surgery and according to the news provider she took to Twitter to comment about her appearance.

"Hey guys, had fun with the hubby last night at the Mobos, seen a few comments about my face and boobies! My foundation was luminous, so made face shiny… And I like my big brows," the publication quoted her as saying.

Her former band member Kerry Katona recently revealed she has had Botox to try and get rid of her wrinkles.

It sees like singer Natasha Hamilton has gotten breast implants. She had a flat chest earlier, but now she looks attractive and charming, thanks to big breasts which she is enjoying these days. It is not like that if she has very large implants, but the size of these breasts is according to the size of her body and they really look well on her body as well. She looks stunning and attractive with these new implants. Earlier she had a body which was totally flat and skinny and she had no charm in her.

Dr. Jennifer Walden says that the surgeon who operated her has done a brilliant job as he neither made her chest too small nor too big. He has given her implants which are according to the size of her body and because of that it is very difficult of understand whether she really had breast implants. No one can judge at first look about her breast implants. It seems like she has not got them through implants but they are naturally grown, but the reality is, it is the miracle of that plastic surgeon who has operated her.

The British, singer, songwriter, stage actress and dancer was born on July 17, 1982, and has been a member of a band Atomic Kitten from 1999 to 2008. She was born and raised up in Liverpool, and was just 12 years old when started taking the classes of singing. Her first performance was at age 12 for Starlight Show Group.