Monday, July 29, 2013

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Breast Implants and Lips Before and After Photos

Courtney Love has undergone her fair share of plastic surgeries, but now that she is (supposedly) sober, she has expressed regret that she had work done on her lips. Courtney has gone so far as to vow to reverse the damage done to her lips. Since she has to undergo additional surgery to correct her lip augmentation, I would say that Courtney Love had lip implants as opposed to lip injections. Injectable fillers will eventually fade on their own, unlike lip implants.
Courtney Love plastic surgery – how well did it go?

Courtney Love hasn't had a good history with plastic surgery. During the 90's she had a drug problem and stunned everyone by getting a scary looking facelift. She also added facial fillers, a nose job, and freakish looking makeup to the equation. This first before and after photo shows her when she was young as well as from the 90's after her plastic surgery craze. Notice how her nose used to be much thicker and more bulbous before the nose job. Also, because Courtney Love's lips look like they just got injected with venom from a wasp, she clearly got lip injections.

It is not a secret that there have been many Courtney Love plastic surgery procedures that she has gotten in the past. She is mostly known as a former wife of music group Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain. There are not many facts about her life, but it is known that many years ago Courtney love has had her own band called “Hole” which split up after a few years and later in year 2000 she has started her solo career. Courtney has also appeared in a few not very popular movies, but acting has never been her main choice.
Courtney Love plastic surgery journey started the same year that her husband – Kurt Cobain passed away. Many people believe that it couldn’t be a coincidence and she chose to get a plastic surgery because of depression and sadness that she felt. Since 1994 until she was 45 years old, Courtney Love has underwent many plastic surgery procedures. The list of the plastic surgeries that have been confirmed to have really happened includes three nose jobs, liposuction, breast implants and a lip augmentation. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, the most obvious changes are visible on Courtney‘s nose and lips.

Having in mind how many surgeries Courtney Love has gotten over a few years, people started discussing the possibility that she might have become one of the celebrity plastic surgery addicts. However, it seems that she somehow managed to stop going under the knife just in time when she hasn‘t yet ruined her appearance. It seems that the drastic change in her opinion on plastic surgery has happened after her meeting with Jocelyn Wildenstein also known as the Cat Woman. Courtney was probably shocked to see what the results of getting too many plastic surgeries can look like.
Jocelyn Wildenstein is one of the worst celebrity plastic surgery examples – she has underwent many surgeries in order to look more like a cat and in many people‘s opinion she looks terrible. After meeting the Cat Woman, Courtney Love has finally decided to stop getting plastic surgery procedures and age naturally.

All in all, it is clear that there really has been many Courtney Love plastic surgery procedures done, but it looks like she has stopped getting them just in time. From what we can see now, she is still a beautiful woman and if we haven’t seen how she looked before, we couldn’t really tell if she has had any plastic surgery procedures done.

Regret Getting Breast Implants?
Do you regret getting breast implants? Well, if so, you are not alone. Here is a list of celebrities that had breast augmentation and then later had their breast implants removed:

The unfortunate thing about getting breast implants and not liking them, is that it is not only a waste of thousands of dollars, but breast implants can stretch out and damage your breasts. Most people that have implants permanently removed will have to undergo a breast lift or additional surgeries to correct the damage done by implants.

There are many reasons why people opt to remove their breast implants. Here is a 29-year old women that is suffering from capsular contracture. This happens when the scar tissue tightens around and squeezes the implant.

Courtney Love has also admitted to having a nose job done. Quite honestly, I would have never guessed, so kudos to her rhinoplasty surgeon!
Courtney Love has not admitted to having breast implants, but it’s obvious that she has indeed undergone breast augmentation very early in her career. When she was 1st starting with her band “Hole”, she was clearly a very flat chested A cup.

Courtney Love’s Breast Implants Kill Her Dog

Courtney Love had her breast implants removed in 2002 and decided to take them home as a souvenir. Shortly thereafter, her beloved Pomeranian ate one of the breast implants and died.