Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Nose Job

Did Ciara have nose job or plastic surgery?

Is it my imagination or do Ciara’s breasts implants look like bolt on stripper / porn star breasts? They are totally round and do not have a natural hang. In the photo on the right, she is lying on her side, therefore, her breasts should be smushed together instead of spaced apart.
Ciara Princess Harris who was born on 25th October 1985 is well recognized by public as Ciara, she is one of famous American singers and song writers. Her professional career as singer began when she met a producer, Jazze Pha, who led her to LaFace Records, and then she finally signed contract to that label. Afterwards she released her debut album entitled Goodies, no longer after signing the contract in 2004, her album was considered successfully accepted by market so it led her achieved triple gold platinum from RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America. Since her album was successfully released, she became more popular among mass media till her picture full filled the cover of some magazines and being targetable person by many record labels. Only one rumor wounded her success, she was charged of having nose job since she was caught by journalist camera with different look especially on her face, nose. How did she look after having nose job?

Some people assumed and believed that Ciara nose job was done because she would like to be aligned with other Hollywood celebrities, as like Paris Hilton, Rihana, and many others, so one of the best ways to make her dream come true is by having plastic surgery. However some also realized that what she did was the demand of being famous singer, actress, dancer, and song writer. So she had to alter her appearance in order still walk on the beauty track moreover she often appeared on the stage as professional singer. How

Ciara nose job before and after actually look?

Ciara Nose Job before and after pictures show us that there is distinctive difference on her old nose with her latest one. Her old nose looks like to be reduced and the bridge was likely slimmed. The surgeon also cut down some of her nose tip cartilages.  So that her latest nose bridge appears little bit serrated and remained little bump on her nose tip.
However the validity of Ciara nose job before and after pictures is still debatable for its truth since she has not revealed any denial and statement. But over all, if she was really under surgeon knife for her nose shape, we really admired her successfully rhinoplasty surgery because she looks more beautiful with her new appearance on her face, particularly nose shape. How would you say for her nose shape change? Did she really have nose job? Feel free to share your ideas!

Ciara  Princess Harris was born on October 25, 1985. Now, people all over the world call her well-known Ciara. Ciara has been a successful celeb in many aspects of singer, song writer and model.

Especially, her name and her success attached with the debut album entitled Goodies (September 28, 2004). The album achieved triple gold platinum from RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America. Her Goodies had also been at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 124,750 copies in its initial week sold.

From that time, her name has given notice by mass media and fans. Of course, her appearance become public’s interest. Many people have been curious about her changes before and after her fame. Many have thought that she had had nose job. They have realized some differences between her nose now and the past. Nose job has considered the main reason of her look’s change.

Even, public have believed that Ciara had her nose job after high school graduation. When answering the question “Did Ciara have plastic surgery?” So many fans say “yes”.

“Uh, yes, Ciara DID have plastic surgery. Sadly, a new, thinner nose is more beautiful than a big flat one, etc”.

Or “yes she did and yes! People think she had surgery on her nose...which i agree with...look at her video "never never".
However, others haven’t shared the same ideas with Ciara’s nose job. One said “no she just had a face lift so it changed her face features !”

Ciara have ever rumoured to be a man due to her super muscular body and at the time a flat breasts. And may be she had got knifed up to fix it.

And at the moment, in public’s eyes, she a beautiful, successful, womanly, talent celeb.

If the rumor of Ciara’s nose job, breast implants, facelift or ect,…. is true. It’s also a normal thing and reality demand, especially for a celeb. And what do you think?

Did Ciara Get Breast Augmentation?

American singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and fashion model Ciara looks to have undergone some plastic surgery changes since making her 2004 debut album.

25-year old Ciara’s goodies look like they may have benefited from some plastic surgery. While Ciara first appeared on the hip-hop scene with a fairly small bust, she looks like she may have gotten breast implants since then.

After breast augmentation, Ciara has parlayed her career as an entertainer into modeling. The bigger rounder breasts are more in keeping with the sexy clothes Ciara wears in clothing campaigns as well as her onstage costumes.
Some fans suspect that since getting breast implants, Ciara has upgraded the size of the implants at least twice, for a total of 3 procedures and breast augmentation recovery.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Ciara does appear to have had a breast augmentation, and possibly more than one as her breasts seem to have grown at intervals. Exchanging implants for larger ones is actually a very common procedure.”

Ciara looks good and her breast implants seem to be a good fit.