Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Lips Augmentation

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Agree: Looks Like Christina Aguilera Had A Breast Augmentation! 

Recent photos of Christina Aguilera waving to fans in Japan on her press tour for Burlesque showed a rather obvious scar under her armpit, leading to speculation that the star has had a breast augmentation. I called two celebrity plastic surgery experts and they both agree: looks like the scar is from a boob job!
While all of our experts agree that Christina has had breast augmentation surgery, they both also agree that the scar isn’t in the right place. Dr. Steve Fallek, board-certified Manhattan plastic surgeon, says the scar isn’t exactly in the right place. “Yes, she looks like she has had a breast augmentation. The scar for the procedure is in the right area, but te orientation of the scar is incorrect. The right place for the scar of what is known as a trans-axillary approach for a breast augmentation should be in the  armpit crease, not perpendicular to it,  to hide it better.”
Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, board-certified Manhattan aesthetic surgeon at Gotham Plastic Surgery, agrees. “I think that she has had one based on the change in size, and shape of her breasts.  The scar can be consistent with breast augmentation where we pass the implant through the transaxillary (through the armpit). We try to line up the scar up with the wrinkle in the armpit. Hers takes a turn for the left, which is not common for breast augmentation.”

Check out the gallery of photos of Christina’s breast evolution from the beginning of her career to now. It’s pretty interesting to watch the singer go from a Genie In A Bottle to Burlesque bombshell, don’t you think?
Has Christina Aguilera Had Plastic Surgery?

Many people believe Christina Aguilera has had four plastic surgery operations since she began her singing career. These include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and liposuction.  In common with other stars and celebrities, such as Leah Miller’s plastic surgery, many search the internet every day in an attempt to discover the truth.

You may not know that 1000s upon 1000s a day search for information about Kim Kardashian before and after plastic surgery!
When her career took off in the 1990′s her breast size was an ‘A’ cup but later on became a ‘C’ cup. During her pregnancy of her son and after giving birth to him, her breast size grew to an ‘E’ cup. After a while, they went down in size and there was some speculation that she had the implants removed.
Some believe Christina Aguilera has also had rhinoplasty. In some pictures of years after she became famous, her nose appears to be thinner at the bottom and wider at the tip. The supposed nose job also makes her nostrils look more even.
She also may have had lip augmentation or what others call botox injections. Her lips look fuller than they have in her earlier years as a singer. If she did have this done, it only made her lips look more natural instead of fake and too full like other celebrities.

Many fans also believe she had liposuction after the birth of her son. Since she gained weight from having her son, of course she would want to get back in shape so liposuction might have been the way to go for this celebrity.
Christina's breast size was small when she began her career while now they appear significantly bigger and rounder than before, going from an A-cup to a C-cup. During her pregnancy of her son and after giving birth to him, her breast size grew to an E-cup. After a while, they went down in size and there was some speculation that she had the breast implants removed. On the other hand, we should take into account that since Christina has stopped nursing (and as a result she lost at least most of her baby weight), her reduction in breast size could also likely be attributed to her body returning to its normal state.
It has to be mentioned that according to Aguilera, her large breasts reportedly grew to a gargantuan E-cup during her pregnancy and are still looking so full and high that she may need to have a breast lift in the near future.

Aguilera's lips seem fuller than they were in her earlier years of her singing career, a possible indication of lip injections. But we should also consider the use of special products and lip gloss, which make lips look bigger and fuller. If she did have lip injections, it only made her lips appear more natural instead of fake.
Many fans and celebrity watchers believe Aguilera had liposuction after the birth of her son. Since she gained weight from having her son, of course she would want to get back in shape, so liposuction might have been a right choice for her.

Christina Aguilera has not publicly admitted to having any cosmetic or celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Of course her breasts may have grown due to getting older and having her son or she may have just enjoyed a healthy diet and exercise plan after the birth of her son. If she did go under the knife, it would likely be one of those quick downtime liposuction procedures like Smartlipo, Vaser LipoSelection, or CoolLipo. She may have also gotten her skin tightened and cellulite reduced with Velasmooth.

There is also the false rumor of fat injections to her buttocks.
"Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Shocker!" reads a headline from Star, which claims she "paid for her pumped-up rear end."

The mag reported that at the American Music Awards on November 18, Aguilera "wore a form-fitting Pamella Roland gown that showed off a new, bizarrely perky bubble butt à la Kim Kardashian," leading "experts" to state that she's "recently spent some quality time with a plastic surgeon."

Dr. Garo Kassabian, who has never treated Aguilera, told the tab: "It could be likely that she has had liposculpture to the waist and fat injection to the buttocks."

"This would create a more shapely rear and a thinner waist for a sexier silhouette," the surgeon explained.

However, other "insiders" for the mag revealed that Aguilera was "could have also been sporting foam or silicone "butt pads" under her dress."

But celebrity website Gossip Cop exclusively learned that Aguilera's buttocks went to the AMAs au naturale - sans plastic surgery or silicone padding.
The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts believe about Christina Aguilera's plastic surgery?"

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn was quoted as saying: "She does appear to have had a breast augmentation in the past, which has assisted in creating her more mature, adult look. She has recovered from the more "Dirrty" image of a few years ago, partly because her breast implants are not too big for her body."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer explained: "It is typical for moms to experience a loss of breast volume following breast feeding; however, Christina's breasts are significantly smaller. It appears that she most likely exchanged her breast implants for smaller ones. Even the most significant post-baby breast changes shouldn't decrease several cup sizes."

OcBody plastic surgeon Dr John Di Saia noted: "She stopped breast feeding or just got past her pregnancy and the hormonal changes you see with it. Her natural breast tissue was formerly stimulated and enlarged. Now as it is shrinking, her cup size and "perkiness" are shrinking with it."

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden revealed: "Christina Aguilera's breasts do seem a bit smaller in recent pictures, but she has also slimmed down significantly since the birth of her son. Breasts become so naturally enlarged during pregnancy with milk, that it may very likely be involution or the normal physiologic downsizing of the breasts that happens once the baby is born and mom has stopped breastfeeding."