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Cindy Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job, Facial Fillers and Cheek Implants

Cindy Jackson Officially Has Had The Most Cosmetic Procedures
Cindy Jackson holds the official world record for “Most Cosmetic Procedures”, after undergoing 52 cosmetic procedures by the age of 55. Cindy has spent approximately $100,000 on plastic surgery that includes 14 actual operations (5 full face lifts, lots of liposuction, 2 eye lifts, chin reduction, lip implants, multiple boob jobs, nose job, cheek implants). The rest of the 38 cosmetic procedures are less invasive injectables (Botox and fillers), chemical peels, cosmetic dentistry and semi-permanent makeup. Most recently, Cindy Jackson had her hands injected with filler in an attempt to hide the veins and make them appear younger.

Cindy Jackson before and after she had a cosmetic procedure on her hands:

While Cindy Jackson “offically” has had the most cosmetic procedures in the world, there are many other people out there that have made more work done, they just don’t choose to let the world know about it.

Cindy Jackson in 2011 at age 55:cindy jackson 2011Photo credit:

Here is a recent interview with Cindy Jackson:

During the interview, the interviewer makes a good point:

“The way I look at my self, I’ve got receding hairline, I’ve got a large chin, I’ve got crows feet, but that’s me and so I live with it.”

Cindy’s reply is, “Well, everyone is different“.

And, yes, everyone is different, but when you spend your entire life surgically changing your appearance in a quest to become “beautiful”, obviously you are not happy with who you are, no matter how many fake smiles you give to the cameras. Given the choice, I would rather be the happy, wrinkled, balding interviewer that has a family/children and is surrounded by people who love him, versus the plastic women that looks pretty in photographs and goes home to her cats every night.

Cindy Jackson, The world record holder for “Most Cosmetic Surgery Procedures”, has once again undergone a surgical transformation. She calls this set of cosmetic surgeries: “From Barbie to Bardot”.

Cindy Jackson is 53 years old and has prided herself on the asinine amount of cosmetic surgery she has had, after being left an inheritance. When I first read about Cindy Jackson, I thought it was interesting that she was basing her cosmetic surgeries after the basic principles of artistic beauty and the rules of facial and body proportion. But, her latest batch of procedures to try and look like a famous sex symbol (Brigitte Bardot), are a bit desperate in my opinion. I guess she just need some attention and something new to talk about? I think she looks younger then 53, but I also think she looks like your typical pornstar now.

Cindy’s “Barbie to Bardot” transformation included the following cosmetic procedures: Lower lip enlargement (although it looks like she got both lips done), another facelift, another upper eyelid lift, another set of breast implants, another round of liposuction, cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening.

Major Plastic Surgery Overhaul – Cindy Jackson

Cindy Jackson has been call the original “Extreme Makeover” and has become somewhat famous for completely changing her looks with plastic surgery.

In the late 80′s Cindy Jackson received an inheritance and decided to have plastic surgery. Since then, she has had 9 cosmetic surgeries (with many of those surgeries having more then one procedure done at a time) and has had the following cosmetic procedures: Nose jobs, eye lifts, cheek implants, lip augmentation, cosmetic dentistry, chin reduction, jaw reshaping, facelifts, breast implants, removal of breast implants, fat transfers, liposuction, soft tissue filler injections, laser treatments, dermabrasion, chemical peels and much more.

It sounds like Cindy Jackson has a text book case of plastic surgery addiction, but surprisingly, she doesn’t look too over done.
Cindy Jackson currently holds the Guinness Record for the most plastic surgery, but doesn’t look like a monster at all. She’s just doing what she can to look as young as she feels inside.

In 2004, during an interview with CBS, Cindy Jackson admitted she never outgrew her obsession with looking like a Barbie doll. She saud: “I looked at a Barbie doll when I was 6 and said, ‘This is what I want to look like.’” That’s probably what a lot of little girls say, but they eventually grow out of it, which wasn’t the case with Cindy. Growing up as a farm girl in Fremont, Ohio, Cindy recalls she wasn’t very good looking, unlike her sister who was breathtakingly beautiful and always attracted more attention.

At 21, she moved to London where among other experiences, she had a short-lived career as a punk rocker. The years went buy, but her childhood obsession with looking like Barbie stuck with her, and at 33, Cindy got her chance to make her dream come true. When her father died, she inherited some money and decided to invest it all in her appearance. She began by having her upper and lower eyelids reshaped to open up her eyes, then moved on to liposuction on her knees and collagen injections. She admits her surgery was pretty extreme, considering she had multiple nose jobs, breast implants, cheekbone reshaping and implants, liposuction and microdermabrasion, but thinks her investment was wise as it allowed her to become a pioneering case study of plastic surgery. She also launched two best-selling books about her experiences, launched her own skin care treatments, traveled the world and got her singing career off the ground.

Things were definitely going according to plan for Cindy Jackson, but then in 2007 her mother died and she was left some more money. After 20 years of being called a living Barbie doll, just like she had always dreamed, the plastic surgery addict had finally outgrown her obsession and realized she actually wanted to look like Brigitte Bardot, the famous French icon of the sixties and seventies. So a new wave of plastic surgeries followed.

Cindy Jackson says she has been through 52 procedures, including 14 full-scale operations, five facelifts, Botox, liposuction, and even injecting collagen into her hands to keep them from looking veiny. Although this was never her goal, she now holds the record for most plastic surgery suffered. Which is pretty bizarre, considering people like Jocelyn Wildenstein or Pete Burns, who have had fewer interventions look considerably worse.