Friday, July 26, 2013

Connie Stevens Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections and Lip Implants

Connie Stevens Grows Old Gracefully With Plastic Surgery
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Known best for her roles on television shows like Hawaiian Eye and Maverick, her semi-successful music career, and her dating Elvis, Connie Stevens hasn’t really been in the public eye too much in the last few decades. However, when she’s been in public, it’s hard not to notice that it looks like she’s had some work done. Her skin looks tighter than the skin of a 73 year old woman should, leading us to conclude that she’s probably had at least one face lift or a lot of Botox injections (she also has the “Botox vein” in her forehead). She also has lips that seem too plump for her advanced age, which points to Botox injections or lip implants. Overall, she just looks unnatural, so take a look at the pictures and decide for yourselves what you think Connie Stevens has had done.
How Much Is Connie Stevens Worth? Connie Stevens (Actor) has a net worth of $50 Million.