Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Nose Jobs

Cindy Crawford admitted that she has had plastic surgery although she said that she only going trough needle and not under the knife of plastic surgeon. Cindy Crawford looks aging naturally, this woman revealed that she loves botox and kind of vitamin injection.
But in this case Cindy Crawford, denies that what she has had done is kind of plastic surgery. She said its just going under the needle,not under the knife. In other word Cindy Crawford agree that plastic surgery shouldn’t change people, just to enhance them.

Long time ago when Cindy Crawford still in her model career peak, she said that she loves Botox, vitamin injections and collagen. And till now it seems that our supermodel still loves to do those kind of things. Cindy Crawford vows that she only do that kind of procedure to preserve young and beauty but recently people also has speculation that she got more than that to preserve her dazzling look.
Naturally woman in 46 like Cindy Crawford age, they will experienced the wrinkle and shaggy facial skin. But seeing Cindy Crawford appearance, you must be understood that her face looks so smooth, flawless and toned with invisible wrinkle and aging sign make her looks like woman in early 30.

Despite to prevent her cheek from slacked down, Cindy Crawford also use filler injection to make it looks plumped and stay toned. There is also speculation that Cindy Crawford got implant for her cheek because the cheek bone looks perfectly shaped, but till no she never admitted about it.
Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer and Plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston both agree that Cindy Crawford did not do much more than botox and filler injection because she looks so natural till today on.

What do you think? Of course after observing Cindy Crawford previously and recent picture, did you still believed that her aging is natural? Personally, Cindy Crawford is looks wonderful and great with or without plastic surgery, but you may leave comment on the box bellow regarding the issue of Cindy Crawford plastic surgery.
Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Rumor

Such as Cheryl Tiegs who was popular as a supermodel, American supermodel Cindy Crawford also rumored plastic surgery. Cindy Crawford is a 47 years old American supermodel who is known for her lip trademark. She also adorned hundreds of magazine covers. Behind her success, Cindy Crawford accused of plastic surgery to fight aging and increase her popularity in her age. She is alleged to have done some injections to her cheeks, Botox, and some vitamins also collagen to several parts of her face. It was like that if public seem a celebrity still having great career when she is getting old, but is that all true? Is Cindy Crawford really took a plastic surgery procedure like most world celebrities? Let see.

A dermatologist Dr. Ben Behnam, “Her cheeks are a lot fuller. She definitely had something injected in her cheeks. Most probably Radiesse or the other option would be Sculptra,”. He also stated that Cindy had definitely some Botox. Do you think that her cheekbones are plumped-up too? I think that she has not done anything to her eyes or eyebrows. It seems still appear lower and no difference from her picture before. In her recent picture as you can see in the before and after picture of Cindy Crawford, you can compare both pictures.
Cindy Crawford looks pretty without any wrinkles in her age. But that does not mean that she did all the plastic surgery procedure that has been alleged to her. According to Dr. Behnam, she also has own facial treatment called meaningful beauty and it could have been which makes her still look beautiful in her age.

According to certified dermatologist Dr. Ben Behnam,  the former top model likely have had injections.

"Her cheeks are a lot fuller. She definitely had something injected in her cheeks. Most probably Radiesse or the other option would be Sculptra," Dr. Ben Behnam was quoted as saying.

"They're both designed to give people higher cheekbones. It's very popular in the industry and her cheeks are visibly higher and fuller," Dr. Behnam explained.
 On top of fillers and injections, Dr. Behnam insists that Cindy  had definitely some Botox.

"Her eyebrows are also higher than before. She probably used Botox to raise the brow," he revealed.

"Something else that's different is she doesn't have the definition in her jaw area, which could just be because she's getting older," he continued.

According to Dr. Behnam, injections like Sculptra are typically done over a period of months and can last years, so you can't can't be sure if Cindy had the procedure done.
"She has what's called the Triangle of Beauty (one side of the cheek to the other cheek to the chin area, creates a triangle) and right now she's losing that triangle," Dr. Behnam stated.

"It gives her that look of not being young anymore. Because that's how we perceive youth, is the triangle of beauty," he claimed.
"She still looks good for someone her age!" Dr. Behnam added.

On the other hand, Cindy swears that her anti-aging secret is her own skin care line called "Meaningful Beauty"!