Saturday, July 20, 2013

Claire Stansfield Plastic Surery Before and After Lips Augmentation and Botox

There are two surgery reports about actress Claire Stansfield and both are about lip augmentations. There have been heard that actress Claire Stansfield has had two lip augmentations through which she changed her lips for two times. She first made her lips a bit bulbous through surgery, but then she again underwent knife to further increase their size as she was not pleased with the result of first surgery.
The first surgery though worked well but at that time she could not get the lips according to her desire, so she asked the surgeon to operate her again, so that she could get lips according to her own choice and wish.

We have not heard any other surgery rumor about her sine the second surgery, so we can assume that she has done anything cosmetic since then. Dr. Jennifer Walden though thinks that she would definitely undergo knife in future to change some other part of her face. She says that it is very natural and easy to undergo knife who has been gone through the same process in the past.

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She looks happy and content looking the result of the second surgery, so there are no chances if she would undergo again this procedure. The experts like Dr. Jennifer Walden say that she might undergo some procedures other than lip augmentation in the future.

Born in 1964, the lady is not just an actress but she also has done work as a director, model and fashion designer. She is best known for her television series Xena: Warrior Princess where she portrayed Alti. Originally, she belonged to an English family, as she was born in London to an English father. However, her mother was a German. Since most of her childhood was spent in Canada, she considers herself a Canadian, even though she has a British passport. Before entering in the acting world, she remained working as a model in England and Canada. She has also been appearing in films as well. Her movie, Sweepers, was released in 1998 where she appeared alongside Dolph Lundgren.

I am very baffled at the the progression in size of actress Claire Stansfield’s lips. She started out with normal sized lips, went up a size (maybe via injections or implants), and now has what I can only call ‘supersize’ lips. Maybe she went to the same plastic surgeon at singer Pete Burns – see his pics).
Her lips no longer have any definition and her mouth looks like a fish’s mouth. It is very strange in the third photo how the pink of her lower lip stops but her mouth shape goes beyond it.