Monday, December 2, 2013

Brooke Hogan Plastic Surgery Breast Implants and Nose Jobs Before and After

We might not be strange anymore with the name of Brooke Hogan, the daughter of Hulk Hogan who is best known as a Professional wrestling. She is best known by public as an American actress, model, and television personality. Her name is now being talked by many celebrity viewers since she appears with new look especially on her chest area as if she has some works done there. Because of her new appearance, some predicted that she has had breast augmentation which has successfully changed A-cup size to full C-cups.
These days, being the kid of someone famous is just about enough to get you your own reality TV show. Just ask Brooke Hogan! This tall, blonde, solidly built daughter of Hulk Hogan enjoyed her own spin-off show after appearing on her family’s reality program, and has gotten into acting and modeling resultantly. Apparently, now that she’s famous Brooke wants to enjoy her own taste of the glamorous life, which includes looking the part.

The main types of plastic surgery she’s had are a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and Botox injections, although more procedures may in fact be debatable. It’s clear that she’s going for a more feminine look.

Brooke Hogan’s plastic surgery rumors were firstly spreading out when she was caught having a vacation on the beach near Hawaii in which she was wearing bikini that showed up her new breast appearance. Her bust looked fuller and bigger than she used to have in the past as if she had boob job to increase her cup size from A cup size to full C bust measurement. Although it looks natural but the rumors of breast implant are still rolling up to now.
Based on Brooke Hogan before and after plastic surgery pictures comparison, it can be seen that there was scar under her armpit which lead us to speculate that she possibly put implant in through her armpit. So it is not wonder if the result of her breast implant looks natural. And some surgeons believed that she has had a silicon implant for her breast augmentation.

Brooke Hogan might have been born into fame but what she has done to her boob size seems to be great and successful transformation because not a few of Hollywood actresses have undergone bad result when they decided to have breast implant. But what we seen on her boob appearance, it looks natural and awesome cup size which is appropriate for her frame. Even some celebrity watchers estimated the cost to get such boob appearance, it is needed between $6,000 to $ 10,000. it sounds to be expensive costs but if we see the result, it may be reasonable.
In short, breast implant is one of the most proffered plastic surgery procedures that most Hollywood actresses have to enhance their appearance.  And Brooke Hogan breast augmentation seems to be one of successful projects in her life. What do you think about it?

Over the course of the years Brooke has gone from an A cup sized bust to a C cup. She got ‘caught’ by the paparazzi on vacation with suddenly giant breasts, and the rumors began to fly. Her fuller, larger, and more rounded breasts certainly did not grow overnight! It’s clear here that Brooke has had a boob job.
Brooke’s natural nose was quite masculine and hard. Now, she’s had plastic surgery to give her face a whole new look. Her new nose is much narrower than her old nose, and much more refined. The entire bridge of the nose has been widened, and the tip pinched. Her rhinoplasty is especially apparent when viewing Brooke from the front.

Even though Brooke is very young for Botox injections, it would appear that she’s been using them to help give a more feminine form to her face. She’s plumped up her cheeks, injected Botox into her forehead, and likely her chin too.

What do you think of Brooke’s plastic surgery transformation? Check out her before and after photos to see the difference for yourself!
Brooke Hogan gets Breast Implants?

Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s daughter and wannabe pop singer, has been keeping the company of a couple of new friends lately (and by “friends” I mean “breast implants”)…

Brooke Hogan has tried just about everything to get her taste of fame: The famous father (Hulk Hogan), over-produced pop song (“About Us” featuring Paul Wall), reality show (Hulk Knows Best), family problems (brothers car accident, parents divorce), trashy fashion choices and now PLASTIC SURGERY. Unfortunately, Brooke is as bland as ever, even with fake boobies. I wonder when her sex tape will be released leaked? Isn’t that the next step to fame?!

Brooke Hogan was pretty much destined to get a boob job, since her mom, Linda, has breast implants (as well as other cosmetic procedures). I would love to see some sort of statistic showing the percentage of women whose mothers had a breast augmentation, that also end up opting for the breast aug surgery…