Sunday, December 29, 2013

David Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections Photos

David Beckham Plastic Surgery Rumours: True or False?
There are many rumors saying that the football star David Beckham have had some plastic surgery procedures after he moved with his family to Los Angeles, USA.

To be honest, the change is very subtle, before he used to show some crow´s feet from his eyes and a large wrinkle running across his forehead and this could be the result of using some Botox from time to time.

Rumours have been circulating on the cyberspace and in the periodicals that the football superstar, David Beckham has had his share of cosmetic surgery procedures after migrating with his family to Los Angeles, USA. Is he now beginning to follow the footsteps of his wife?

To the style icon, Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice, plastic surgery is nothing strange. It’s been known that she has gone under the knife a few times to further improve her looks. Rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and breast implants (and removal) procedures are just some of the cosmetic plastic surgery operations Mrs. Beckham has tried through the years.
David Beckham might have also resorted to aesthetic treatments, but the results were nothing too drastic—just very subtle changes. The old David used to show some prominent crow’s feet and a huge wrinkle on his forehead. Probably thanks to Botox shots, the new David now sports a fresh, flawless face—with zero visible lines.

Moreover, it appears that some of the football expert’s nasolabial lines (laugh lines) have vanished, with the possible help of injection fillers like Restylane. These types of creases and lines only get worse and not better through time. But Mr. Posh seems to have gotten rid of them and looks much more youthful nowadays.

No one really knows whether David Beckham has had some cosmetic surgery treatments or not—except of course Victoria herself and their trusted surgeons. Outsiders like us could only rely on his before and after photos that show quite an improvement.

Now, with time passing, he doesn´t look that much different and we can´t see those wrinkles as before.  Also his naso labial lines look less pronounced, it could be the result of using some kind of injectable filler.

David Beckham Bitten By The Plastic Surgery Bug

Beckham has been bitten by the local plastic surgery bug and appears to be dabbling in Botox and other filler injections to get rid of his wrinkles and has even donned a blonde surfer hairdo to blend in his new surroundings. The 32-year old former captain of the England soccer team used to have a large wrinkle running across his forehead and some crows’ feet extending from his eyes. These imperfections have all but disappeared, as the bleach blond Beckham is sporting a flawless forehead and no crows’ feet. Given his wife Victoria “Posh”s love for plastic surgery (she’s had 3 breast augmentations to date), it is not a far stretch to think that her husband would join her in her cosmetic escapades (read more about Victoria Beckham’s Plastic Surgery past. An insider suggests that the couple may have been having cosmetic doctors over at their home for some botox parties. “Victoria often has therapists and doctors visiting their Madrid home and some friends have hinted they may be doing more than providing them with facials and peels.”
London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Karidis confirms his belief that Beckham had botox. “He used to have a large line across his forehead which seems to have vanished. He has all the hallmarks of a botox forehead. He also appears to have had a lift on his eyebrows, that can often happen when botox is injected into that area.”

“And there were quite deep crow’s feet around the eyes a couple of years ago. These seem to have almost disappeared. Changes like this in other celebrities are usually thanks to botox.

Additionally, it seems that some of David Beckham’s naso-labial lines (laugh lines that extend from the nose to the mouth) may have also been treated to some injection fillers such as Restylane. Dr. Karidis adds, “It could be that he’s also used fillers on his nose-to-mouth lines. These used to be quite prominent in pictures. Usually these things get worse not better with age. But Beckham seems to have lost them and looks much younger now.”

David Beckham plastic surgery is one of the best looking athletes in the world and while we are all for cosmetic enhancements when they’re needed, we think Beckham really does not need them in this case. The old David Beckham is much hotter than this new blond, expressionless blond Ken Doll reincarnation of himself. For once, don’t listen to your wife and keep them doctors out of your house.

The question that comes to mind is whether young impressionable male fans who have been changing their hairdos in response to Beckham’s ever-changing hairstyle will also be Botoxing it like Beckham.