Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dana Delaney Plastic Surgery Botox Injections Before and After Photos

Dana Delaney is best known by American people and worldwide as a film and television actress, she is also well recognized as a film producer and presenter. But her name began to steal public attention when she had been portrayed as Katherine Mayfair in Desperate Housewives series which was aired by ABC. However, some people now begin to talk about her name if Delany had plastic surgery.
Dana Delany’s appearance has been discussed by some people. She still looks fabulous even though her age says different. She is actually over 50 years old now but she still looks good. How did she keep her body looking so well? Common celebrities fight against aging’s effects whenever they can, especially fighting wrinkles in their forehead. Usually, the celebrities love to do everything to maintain their youthful look. Frequently they get botox injected.

Dana Delany has talked about experiences with botox in the November issue of Prevention magazine. She said that early on she didn’t know anything about botox, then one of her doctors advised her to try it and she did. This might be true. There’s no significant change in the shape of her body. It’s just her smooth skin that looks the result of injections.

We can see that her face looks so smooth without any wrinkles around it, even though too smooth means weird and unnatural. She commented that she got side effects from doing  that botox injection. She got droopy eyes while getting botox injected in her forehead seven years ago. This could be the result of a bit too much botox. And she felt that this procedure was not always good and she decided to stop playing with the botox and other plastic procedures. Is it true that she stopped? Just wait then what she will do next. Will she stay true to her decision to stop anything related to plastic surgery or not?

Has Dana Delany Had Plastic Surgery?
This 54 years old actress has openly admitted that she has undergone regular Botox injection on her face. She told use that facial injection around her forehead in order to grid some aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and sagging face. However, the procedures of her cosmetic surgery did not likely meet her expectation but it caused her eyes a little bit dropped. She also revealed that she has regretted to have some works done on her face because she felt that her face now did not look symmetric anymore. Since she has undergone a bad experience in the use of Botox injection, Delany decided that she would never have any additional plastic surgery procedures. She apparently had enough with the bad Botox experience.

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Dana’s eyelid now appears to be a bit droopy because of too much Botox injection on her face particularly around her forehead.  The surgeon explained that the use of Botox with frequent intensity would affect the muscle’s function. Moreover, if the needle hit a nerve consequently eye would slightly droop. In addition, Dr. Michael Salzhauer assessed that droopy eyelid appearance which was caused by facial filler is something that rarely happened in the world of plastic surgery but it can possibly happen if it was overdone. The doctor also ensured that droopy eyelid appearance will last temporarily if the patients always do regular treatments with a professional and certified plastic surgeon who has been expert in Botox. But if the patients did not have any regular treatments, the impact of it would raise such a complication.

In short, there are many celebrities in Hollywood who have gone too far with their plastic surgery and Dana Delany is one of the best examples for cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong. Some viewers considered that the former Desperate Housewives star has Botox nightmare which made her eyes appear droopy and her face did not look symmetric anymore. From Dana’s experience, we at least can take some lessons that plastic surgery procedures do not always guarantee best result for our beauty enhancements but they can also make our appearance worse and weird.
Dana Delany plastic surgery is one proof that using plastic surgery is not always safe enough. You will see the confession from Dana Delany after she used botox injection on her skin face. Before that, let us discuss first about the actor who is not young anymore. Dana Delany is one of professional actor who has reached 50 years old. Well, you must understand that most of actor especially professional actor cannot accept their face condition, which happen because of age. Because of that, most of them prefer to take plastic surgery, which is not always safety to help them get younger face appearance.

Actually, many people especially her fans regretted about her decision to take plastic surgery. It is because Dana Delany is still having good appearance even in her ages. Fortunately, she is not trying to get any other plastic surgery after she has experienced bad side effect from taking botox injection. Well, It is nice decision that taken by Dana Delany. However, you need to know too about what the bad side effect which appear in Dana Delany plastic surgery. We think it will be great information for you who want to have plastic surgery.

Dana Delany herself said that she has taken some botox injection to solve wrinkle problems, which start appearing on her skin face many years ago. The reason why she bravely taken that decision was because she believed on a doctor who gave her advice to take botox injection. It was good in the first time when she taken botox injection. Her skin start transform into young skin age again. Her wrinkle disappears and it was the great moment for her. However, after many times using botox injection, she started feeling droopy eyes. That was the bad side effect which experienced by Dana Delany after taking botox injection.  We hope that nobody will experience the same problem like the bad side effect, which appeared in Dana Delany plastic surgery.