Monday, December 9, 2013

Daisy Fuentes Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Could Daisy Fuentes be using plastic surgery to look eternally young? Daisy has been known as the host of many a television program, and as the ‘girl from the Doritos commercial.’ Given that she has made a living being a pretty face on camera, but never necessarily an actress, it’s only natural that this Latina celeb would try to stay looking fresh and young. The  longer she keeps her youth about her, the better it is for her career!
Clearly, Daisy Fuentes has just not gotten any older since her days as an MTV VJ. As it’s unlikely that she’s beaten the natural process of aging, the likely answer to her eternal fountain of youth is that she’s had plastic surgery. Now middle-aged, Daisy has no wrinkles or sagging skin, and her breasts have become firmer and larger, instead of sagging as an older woman’s breasts should.

Daisy Fuentes: A Nose Job and a Boob Job Latin Style
The beautiful Daisy Fuentes appears to have been hit by the recent inflation problems in the economy. The sort of actress and television personality looks to have had breast implants. Just look at the before and after pictures. Looks like Daisy went from an A cup to a large C cup. Competition must be getting pretty bad if she had to resort to such a huge difference to get attention. It is also believed that Daisy has been hitting the Botox to fade out the crow’s feet around her eyes. Daisy Fuentes also obviously had a nose job. Again take a look at the before and after pictures. Daisy’s nose is much thinner than it was in 1994. There is also speculation she  has been having laser treatments to combat wrinkles and blemishes. Over all I would say Daisy looks good with the changes.

Some time back, when the nude photos of TV show host, Daisy Fuentes, hit the web, they created huge buzz where the media sources eagerly posted these naked photos on their websites and wrote articles about her. These naked photos are still available on the web and can be seen as well. When we see these photos, we get to know that her breasts are located far apart from each other and they are also pointing upwards, which is an unusual thing for a lady in 40s. This suggests that she has changed the shape and the size of her breasts through a possible breast augmentation.
Secondly, her face is cleaner and smoother. How can it be possible that a lady in 40s stays free from the wrinkles and lines and crow’s feet? The possible correct answer of this question is through Botox and Restylane.

Daisy Fuentes is though a television host, but she is more known in the public for her hot body and hot curves. The media sources even say that she has a model look and she should test her luck in the modeling circles rather than wasting time on hosting the shows. It has been known that she uses Pilates to stay in shape. She is also known for her sexy outfits as well which she wears on her show. It seems like she loves her body too much and she is very conscious about her image in the media. She would surely have some other surgeries in the future as well, if found necessary.

Daisy Fuentes had plastic surgery to improve her self image. The before & after pictures show that she had breast implants and a nose job. Overall, were Daisy Fuentes's 2 cosmetic surgery procedures a good or bad idea?
It appears that Daisy has used very sparing amounts of Botox on her face, in areas like her forehead, in order to prevent wrinkles from forming. Her skin looks young and fresh, so it would appear that her plastic surgeons did a great job.

Daisy’s perky breasts have grown over the years, and sources say she had her breast implants put in back in 2010. This would explain how she bumped up to a D cup overnight! While her breasts were always large, it surely helps her self esteem that the quality of her bust has improved with age.

Daisy always had a round tip on her nose, but now her nose is longer, straighter, narrower across the bridge, and more refined at the tip.

Overall Daisy’s makeover looks great! Hopefully she’s happy with her results. What do you think of Daisy’s makeover? Compare her before and after photos to judge for yourself!