Sunday, December 15, 2013

Danielle DiLorenzo Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Danielle DiLorenzo Boobs from Survivor have returned. Danielle Survivor Boobs even have a tribute video on YouTube.
Looking at Danielle DiLorenzo in Survivor we couldn't avoid to notice that her breast that some of the signs of breast implants, even when she probably loose weight during the show, they stayed the same size the whole time.

Danielle's breasts implants have that upper roundness and projection usually found when a breast augmentation was done, we couldn't see the natural sagging that we would expect, but at least we think that the size is still proportional with her body since they do not look too big for her.

There have being rumors about some facial procedures including a nose job and cheek implants, but we couldn't find some older pictures where she may look different, as far as we found her facial features haven't change much since she is in the public eye, if she got something done it was probably earlier and very subtle.
Lots of people speculate that Danielle had plastic surgery for bigger tits. I wonder how she found her plastic surgeon, cause those are work done by a great cosmetic surgery specialist. It's always fun to look at plastic surgery websites to see how the doctors present their service.

Danielle DiLorenzo also has a great butt, though not as good as Amanda Kimmel's Butt