Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Breast Implants and Nose Jobs Before and After

Having frequent appearance in one of well known television programs seems to make Brooke Burke can not be far away from the rumors of plastic surgery possibilities. Moreover if she has different look in each her appearance on that television program will more make her fans and other people sure that she has been under knife for every different look. Did Brooke Burke really have plastic surgery? If she did so, how well were they carried out?
Has Brooke Burke Had Cosmetic Surgery?
Many of Brooke Burke’s fans wonder if their favorite TV personality has ever had plastic surgery.
With her flawless body and perfectly symmetrical face, there seems that there is no way she could not have. There are many cases of celebrity plastic surgery gone bad, but Brooke Burke is not one of these cases.
Today, it is still speculated whether she has had any work done, but if she has, she certainly still looks natural.
Brooke Burke - has she ever gone  under the knife? (image courtesy of is also hard to tell because there is not a noticeable transition such as the one that Joan Rivers and Janice Dickinson had with their plastic surgery.

About her secret wedding she said: “The timing just felt right. It was a very selfish, but meaningful moment. It was really spontaneous and romantic and really about us and not about what everyone else wanted or thought.”

As for plastic surgery, what you may not know is that Brooke Burke was once married to Garth Fisher, one of the top plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area, and he probably made some enhancements to her body, noticeably breast implants and a nose job. While the nose job may not be noticeable, her breast implants cannot be hidden because it shows the tell-tale signs of breast implants.

 Brooke Burke was married to a plastic surgeon so that explains a lot. Like her teeny nose and her not so teeny implants shoved into a bandau top and ...

Why You Should Never Have Any Plastic Surgery for Any Reason Other Than Serious Burns. movie star brooke burke and garth fisher. I didn't know Brooke Burke ...
Did Brooke Burke Have Plastic Surgery?
While there is no hard evidence pointing Brooke to celeb plastic surgery, when asked, most surgeons say that she most likely has had it.
She has had four children and has “the perfect body”, a rare occurrence. She was once married to plastic surgeon, Garth Fisher (who is famous for performing Kris Jenner’s facelift prior to Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Rob Delaney), so that would be even more of a reason to have a procedure done.

Brooke Burke has a great figure after having children, and likely has undergone breast augmentation in the past. Regimented exercise and diet are also in the mix to keep up such a look. Since she once was married to a plastic surgeon cosmetic procedures have been at her disposal, meaning she has had greater exposure and access to them than the average person. She looks as if she has undergone a conservative rhinoplasty as well which has narrowed the nose but did not change it too drastically. It would not be a surprise to hear that she has had the help of a little Botox and Restylane soft tissue filler, too.”

Other surgeons believe that the answer to her perfect shape lies in her breast, and that a breast lift may have taken place after she gave birth to her four children.

There are also many speculations of implants, especially because she was married to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher. There is also belief that she may have undergone a mini-abdominoplasty, or she just has great abs from simply working out.
Whatever the case may be with Brooke Burke’s body, we know it was not a case of plastic surgery gone wrong!

What kinds of plastic surgery Brooke Burke had?
There are some kinds of possible plastic surgery she had, it includes some fillers and Botox, nose job, breast reduction, and abdominoplasty too. The first suspect is on  her face-look. Looking at her age which has reached 42 years, it’s no surprise to know that she had botox injected. Those fillers can help her face to be looked fresher and tight. And she did it well, nothing has gone overdone.

The second suspect is the change of the nose. The nose looked narrower than before. the tip of the nose is also a bit smaller. She certainly did it with  rhinoplasty. The third suspect is on her breast. The breast looked so perfectly rounded shape before she did breast reduction. But now she has small breast, but she still looked great with the size of the boob.

The forth possible plastic surgery she had is abdominoplaty. There’s a strong reason to answer the big question. She has been 42 years, and has 4 children, when we looked the shape of her flat stomach, it is possible that she gone to abdominoplasty to refine her stomach, and remove the flat after giving birth of her children. Overall she had done everything in great job, well done.