Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After new Face

Bruce Jenner Has Lost His Masculine Features Due To Plastic Surgery
Bruce Jenner's face went under the knife again. But this time it was for medical, as opposed to cosmetic, reasons.

TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian's stepfather had surgery on his nose Monday to remove a hunk of cancer, resulting in 30 stitches. The former Olympian (and current questionable plastic surgery poster boy) was snapped sporting a big bandage the next day in Calabasas, Calif.

Bruce Jenner is a well known celebrity who is popular among the public as a star athlete. He was awarded the gold medal in the Olympic games in 1976. He is the stepfather of Kim Kardarshian. Bruce Jenner has grabbed the attention of media reporters due to his changed appearance. Bruce Jenner plastic surgery can be the valid reason behind this sudden change. Now, he has tighter and wrinkles free skin. He has appeared on the stage with more masculine features.
Bruce Jenner plastic surgery has been admitted by the athlete star himself.  He has disclosed his possible surgical treatments in the early 30s. If we compare his past and present pictures, we can easily find out that he has gained a totally changed look. Unfortunately, Bruce Jenner plastic surgery went wrong and he became horrible and unattractive. Bruce Jenner stated in an interview that if someone can search my name on Google then he will find that my surgery is being compared to Michael Jackson. He was sorrowful regarding his ugly appearance. He has undergone various surgeries to correct his freaky appearance.

Bruce Jenner Plastic surgery is explained by her daughter; she states that his father was ill-recommended  by a surgeon. Therefore he underwent for partial facelift as well as nose job. Bruce Jenner has confirmed that he has experienced the surgeon’s knife in 2009 to fix his bad surgical effects. Unluckily, the results of his plastic surgeries have always appeared cruel and he has become a victim of bad plastic surgery.

Doctors are pointing to golf-induced sun damage as the culprit, the website says.

It's not the first time Jenner's face has had cancer carved out of it. Last year, the right side, just in front of his ear and under his sideburn, fell victim.

UPDATE: Jenner has given a statement to his Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality home, E! News.
"I was diagnosed with a form of melanoma called basal cell carcinoma and have undergone Mohs surgery to remove it. I have been struggling with this for several years and appreciate all of the support and prayers while I continue to fight the battle against skin cancer."

Bruce Jenner has almost crossed his early 60s.  In 1980, he had thought to change his facial expression with plastic surgery. For this purpose, he had taken the services of a surgeon. He had a small nose with wider nostrils. His Rhinoplasty changed his nose into long and thin. Furthermore, he has asked to apply the face lift procedure to vanish the effect of wrinkles. Fatefully, the results of his plastic surgeries were drastically horrible. His fans and media started accusing him for bad plastic surgery. He had become the topic of discussion and his ugly looks were being compared with worst surgery of Michael Jackson. However, he underwent for second plastic surgery in 2009. It was related to modifying his looks and try to disappear the effects of bad plastic surgery.