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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery Transformation
Former "Hills" star Heidi Montag suffered not only psychological scars from her now regretted nip-and-tuck-a-thon, she also has some unsightly physical scars. She told "Life & Style" that the scars are a constant reminder of her mistake in trying to remake herself. "People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body. I'm always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands," she told the magazine. The scar inventory includes a 2-inch-long scar from her chin reduction, two caterpillar-size bald spots on her hairline from a brow lift, a jagged line behind her ears from having her ears pinned back, lumpy legs and four spots left on her lower back and below the buttocks from liposuction, uneven breasts, a chest stretch mark and scars around her nipples from a breast augmentation.
Heidi Montag Talks Plastic Surgery, Three Years After Transformation: ‘I Won’t Give Up Trying to Prove I’m More Than Just That’

Nearly three years after Heidi Montag had life-changing plastic surgery -- a jaw-dropping 10 procedures in one day -- she is settling into her body.
But, the former star of MTV's The Hills admits she would never do such a series of surgical procedures again.

"I wouldn't do it again, that's for sure," Montag, 25, told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview at her home in Santa Barbara, Calif. "It was a lot more than I could have expected."

How painful was the experience for Heidi?
She explained, "I really hate talking about it now because it was so long ago. I was a much different person back then to who I am now. I didn’t realize how much of The Hills -- and going through that -- would define who I am.

"I’m really looking forward to the next phase in my life. I know I’ll never be able to get away from a lot of it, but I won’t give up trying to prove I’m more than just that."

Montag shocked the world when she was featured on the cover of PEOPLE magazine in early 2010 for having 10 plastic surgery procedures, including breast implants, liposuction on her stomach and thighs, a brow lift and a nose revision.

The cover headline beamed, "Addicted to Plastic Surgery."
Heidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las VegasHeidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las VegasHeidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las VegasHeidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las VegasHeidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las Vegas

Montag, who has been married to Hills costar Spencer Pratt since 2009, has stayed out of the spotlight for most of 2012. She has mentioned several projects in the works for next year -- but is mum on details.

The plastic surgery experience -- which marked the descent of Montag from the public eye -- was obviously a painful one for the former reality starlet.

"I feel really thankful that it all came out so well -- it could have been really disastrous," Montag said.

"I lived and I learned -- and I wouldn't really recommend it for other people. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be going through it -- physically, mentally, emotionally, recovering. But, I'm just glad it’s done and that everything healed so well."
'I wish I'd NEVER had plastic surgery': Heidi Montag reveals her regret as she unveils new bikini body after breast reduction

Heidi Montag has unveiled her new bikini body just four weeks after getting a breast reduction.
The reality TV star displayed her smaller curves in a string of sexy bikinis as she celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with husband Spencer.
The couple travelled to the luxurious One & Only Palmilla Resort, just outside Cabo San Lucas, where they eloped and tied the knot back in 2008.
Heidi, 27, had gone under the knife in Los Angeles to get her F-Cup breasts reduced down to a size C.

She took the decision to have the operation, which was done by Angelina Jolie's surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, after suffering a string of health problems.
Heidi explained that her huge implants had caused her severe back and neck pain, as well as numbness in her arms.
In 2010 Heidi famously underwent ten plastic sugary procedures in one day, which included getting her F-cup breasts.
Heidi has explained how much her large breasts hampered her everyday life.
'Over the past few years my implants have handicapped me, I have not been able to do a lot of things,' she said.
'Over the past nine months I have not been able to do laundry, or look after my dogs or clean my house and I have had to stop working out because my injuries are so severe I cannot even do simple things like rowing or running.
'I have been limited in my everyday life and the last few months especially have been so uncomfortable and in pain that it has really been taking a toll on my life and my mood.'

Before her breast reduction Heidi admitted that she made a serious mistake have so much plastic surgery and regrets her actions.
'I definitely regret the surgeries that I have had over the years, I think I was so young and in such an unstable situation in my life with so much going on and so much pressure,' she said.
'It is really hard to be a woman in this day and age with all the media and internet and comments, there is so much more negativity coming at people, it is a lot easier to be insecure and let that get to me.

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