Saturday, May 10, 2014

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Halle Berry is long-time issue of plastic surgery gossip by comparing her prior to and after photos that widely spread around the net. Media journalist, people and plastic surgery specialists attempts to noticed Halle Berry before and after photo plastic surgery to determine what sort of processes she took.

Has Halle Berry Had Surgery?

According to the actress herself the answer is ‘no’: Berry has not gone under the knife.
“No I haven’t,” Berry said in 2007 when asked by Reader’s Digest if she’d had plastic surgery.
“But that’s one thing I’ll never say never about, because I don’t know.”

It seems pretty obvious from this quote, and from other statements Berry has made where she said she hoped to be able to avoid the temptation of being a plastic surgery celebrity, that the actress hasn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures just yet.
While the fear of plastic surgery gone wrong likely plays a factor, Berry has said that she hopes she can allow herself to age without trying to hold onto more transitive standards of physical beauty.

Rumors Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Nose Job?

Rumors on Halle Berry plastic surgery are still running rampant along the pages of gossip columns and throughout the internet. Despite her denial, it is still evident she could have undertaken some cosmetic surgeries on her breast and gotten a nose job done.

Rumors suggest that the next plastic surgery Halle Berry had is nose job. There are speculations that her nose size and shape has totally transformed if you compare her recent and previous photos. Being a model, it is pretty obvious the size and shape of the nose is important as it maintains the structure of the face.

Whether she had a nose job done for better looks, it is not yet clear why she could have done it since her previous photos indicate the size and shape of her nose was still okay and not so bad for any model.

Some individuals suggest that if you look at Halle Berry before plastic surgery photos, you will realize her nose was a little wider. The recent pictures show a different nose which is a bit slim, reduced and with pointier tip.

Halle Berry has DENIED the plastic surgery allegations but she hasn’t ruled out the future possibilities. The actress still maintains her natural beauty and public figure which makes her stand out as a model despite all the speculations.

Rumors Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Breast Implants?

If you compare Halle Berry Plastic Surgery before and after photos, critics suggest that the first noticeable change is her breast size which has been upgraded to 36C. This was to maintain her perfect body structure. The implants if any made her to look better and naturally beautiful. It is not clear whether Halle Berry has had any facelifts since her face has no wrinkles or forehead lines despite being at her 40s.

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Win – Proud & Happy!
Check Halle Berry’s plastic surgery before and after photos below! Halle Berry, born in 1966, is an Academy Award winning American actress and former model. Although she rejected the rumors that she ever under the knife for cosmetic procedures, her before and after photos revealed that Halle Berry has done plastic surgery procedures including nose job and breast implants.

In fact after her plastic surgery, Halle even looked unrecognizable compared with her pervious look when she vying for the title of Miss World in 1986!

Halle Berry well-known really difficult against cosmetic surgery and feel distressed if anybody rumored she got cosmetic surgery or compared her before and following process done. Till she saw outside in the beauty practice to refine her bodily or facial look but I’m excited. General this much I’d like to say that Halle Berry appears great following the cosmetic surgery done than before.