Friday, May 9, 2014

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox Injections

Haifa Wehbe, who is a famous Lebanese singer, is rumored to have done a lot of plastic surgery on her appearance. First, her breast augmentation and lip augmentation are the easiest to see for the public. The drastic changes in these features are surely the result of her going under the knife. She also did cheek implants and chin implants, which you can see on her face from the pictures. She also had both botox and fillers injections in an attempt to be prettier and sexier. She must have found a great plastic surgeon, because she always gets great results from her surgery.
Haifa Wehbe probably not widely heard in the world, but this woman stole people’s attention because she was named as the queen of plastic surgery from Lebanon. As the runner up of Miss Lebanon in last 2002, actually Haifa Wehbe blessed with stunning looks that make her the second winner in that beauty pageant.

But today Haifa Wehbe is really changing in very negative looks. She is 37 years old but her appearance is much older than her actual age. Media in Lebanon reported that Haifa Wehbe is queen of plastic surgery in her country due the countless time of plastic surgery she has had done.

Haifa Wehbe remains silent about the plastic surgery rumor, but many say that she has plastic surgery done especially for nose job, botox, chin and lip implant, as well as brow lift. And instead of good or youthful, the result is really horrible.
Nose Job

Nose job is an unnecessary work for Haifa Wehbe since her nose is actually not bulbous at all. But with the time passed she seemed has put herself under the surgeon’s scalpel for the plastic surgery of rhinoplasty. Her nose now getting more pinched and smaller, looks too thin for her facial measurement. The nose seemed unnatural for her face and it makes her looks weird.

Botox Injections
The other thing that makes her facial condition looked older is the botox procedure. Sadly, Haifa Wehbe seemed overdoing it. Although the area like forehead looked unblemished and wrinkles-free, however the botox gives her an unnaturally tight and toned facial skin with very elevated forehead. She like unable to move her face too due to her stiff facial skin.

Chin and Lip Implant

Lip implant probably is the most spotlighted plastic surgery procedure that can be seen so clearly on her facial condition. Her lip looked so thick and large. Not only lip implant, Haifa Wehbe might also have the chin implant as well. Her face that is getting more oval and longer is the clear indication that she got the chin implant done.
Brow Lift

Haifa Wehbe also rumored has the brow lift procedure. The brow lift may abolish the saggy skin that probably appears under her eyebrow. Her brow lift procedure makes the eyebrow more lifted and elevated in unnatural way. The eyebrow makes Haifa Wehbe looks older than her actual age, and let’s bet she would regret it.