Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Has Ha Ji Won had Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Eyelid and Facial Fillers

When her old photographs that appear so different with her current appearance broadly spreading among Netizen this gossip seems. Some think she had set herself under the knife, however another party or Ha Ji Won plastic surgery excitement said its only make up that make her very distinct from now and then. People who think that Ha Ji Won has cosmetic surgery accused she has facial fillers, Rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.
Ha Ji Won plastic surgery

Did Ha Ji Won have Plastic Surgery?

When you’re dealing with bad plastic surgery stories, such as Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery maiming, it’s fairly simple to tell whether a celebrity has gone under the knife or not.
However, when you have an actress like Ha Ji Won, it can be nearly impossible to tell. A chameleon on screen and able to slip easily into half a dozen different roles as it is, Ha Ji Won is already hard to pin down.

However, when you look at the “rumors” of plastic surgery, no one seems to be quite clear what it is they’re accusing the young actress of in the first place. While tabloids and gossip forums claim that she must have had work done, no one can say what or where or when.
There’s just a blanket question, rather than wondering if she’s undergone rhinoplasty (a nose job), facial fillers, eyelid surgery, or any of a dozen different procedures that could be concretely investigated.
Ha Ji Won nose job

Ha Ji Won Cosmetic Surgery Pictures – Before and After?

Though there are dozens of websites out there, such as that shown on (see left) which are releasing photographs of Ha Ji Won “after plastic surgery,” it seems like that phrase is being used as nothing more than an SEO search tag for those interested in seeing the post-surgery starlet.

None of the images presented seem greatly different from any other. In fact if you take into account what the woman does for a living, it’s highly unlikely that any of the slight differences seen in these online galleries couldn’t be pulled off with the help of simple cosmetic tricks.

After all, if you know what you’re doing you can slim down your nose, change the appearance of your eyes, alter your lips or even give your face an entirely different shape. Actresses excel at fooling the camera, and thus the eyes that are watching the pictures.

Ha Ji Won hasn’t made any statements about whether or not she’s had surgery either, which isn’t helping to settle the question. So what’s the conclusion? Is it possible that she’s had plastic surgery at the hands of an extremely talented and gifted doctor who’s hid the scars to well and performed so subtly that no one has noticed. Yes, that’s possible.

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid surgery likely the most typical plastic surgery process which was taken by Korean idol. If you examine her eyes that appears larger than before its likely Ha Ji Won does similar thing also. As she must have little and cramped eyes, an usually Mongolian race. But considering her you should be realized that he runs becoming wider and larger appears like character who leaping to the word. She looks great with her new eyes that gave her tender and gentle sight simultaneously.

Nose Job(Rhinoplasty)
Considering Ha Ji Won before and following photo we might see there is somewhat altering on her nose. There’s bit variations in both shape and size which make Ha Ji Won facial look more ideal. It’s likely that in old photographs her nose is not as sharp, broad and bit larger.
Ha Ji Won eyelid surgery

The board appears less high but broader compared to the nasal bridge. But from now and then, you might observe that her nose more absolutely sculptured. The nasal bridge getting cramped and smaller, the nasal bridge appears higher-than before make her nose appear thinner, slimmer and sharper. Speculation says really Ha Ji Won hasn’t cosmetic surgery for Rhinoplasty done. They say a shading of the place gave her illusions of nose form and dimensions.

Facial Filler
Ha Ji Won might have filler shot within the chin region to get it even more conspicuous by looking at just how sleek and sharp her jaw-line which make her facial contour acquiring an oval than before.

Korean Idol Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Transformation

I’d like to say that whether Ha Ji Won has cosmetic surgery for the shift she appears really fine with the result. Nevertheless, the Korean actress bureau actually forbids their actress to disclose about plastic surgery gossip provided that the actress still under their direction. It’s likely that Ha Ji Won stay silent due that plan and hasn’t clear explanation regarding the cosmetic surgery transformation gossip.
Ha Ji Won plastic surgery before and after

When some people look after the transformation of Ha Ji Won beauty, they are in doubt in the purity of her beauty despite her age is not too young anymore but she still looks so attractive. Therefore some convinced that she has went to surgeon to alter parts of her body. Moreover, many sites and magazines have uploaded her old pictures which were compared with her latest one that made them to be surer about her plastic surgery truth. However the opposite tells that she has a professional make up artists who have made her keep younger and beautiful as she used to be.

Based on this 34 years old actress before and after picture, she looked like have plastic surgery procedures on her nose, eyelid, and facial filler. Her rhinoplasty surgery can be seen through the change on her nose size and shape which looks sharper, narrower, and thinner. Where as when she was young, her nose shape and size looked short, wide, and big. But over time her nose becoming increasingly looks perfect in which her nasal bridge looks narrower and higher than before, as consequent her latest nose seems to be slimmer, thinner, and sharper. However some also believed that the change appearance on her latest nose was not the result of plastic surgery but they are all caused by the utilize of shading techniques so that influence her slimmer, thinner, and more well defined nose shape.

On the other hand, the transformation of her beauty was believed not quite enough with her nose job but on her Eyelid area was also considered to experience the transformation based on before and after pictures. Her eyelid now looks bigger which gave her softer view impression than she used to have before, as it was know by many people that Mongolia descends have small eyelids as well as Ha Ji Won. However the viewers did not stop on her eyelids transformation, but they also consider that she had also facial fillers on her face. The signs of it can be seen through her cheek which appears a bit chubbier, thicker, and juicy as if the collagen or other facial fillers were injected on her cheek. Her chin was also accused of being transformed to be softer and much more defined look which made her face looks like more rounded face shape than it used to be.
Despite the rumors were rolling over years, she has nod revealed official statement or denial so that viewers more believed that she had really been under surgeon knife for some transformation on her face. But most of them were happy to look the result of her plastic surgery, she looks more beautiful and fascinating even though she has not too young anymore for having beautiful face. She might not reveal any statement regarding to her plastic surgery rumors because she was really aware with the management policies in which forbid all its actresses plastic surgery truth within they are under control of their management artist. And it seemed to be the most reasonable reason for us, as we know that most of Korean actresses are counting on them.

In addition, although Ha Ji Won has not revealed the truth dealing with her plastic surgery rumors but after having looked up her before and after pictures, we believe that she did have plastic surgery procedures for some transformation that she had made. To be honest we are one of her fans and we feel a bit disappointed if she really had some jobs done on her face. But we also admire and be happy with her new look, she looks more beautiful and amazing woman.