Saturday, May 24, 2014

Did Heather Thomas get Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox Injections Before and After Photos

Heather Thomas was best known in the 80′s when she appeared in a number of TV roles such as Talking with a Giant, and Co-Ed Fever. Later, she went on to features in the long-running TV show The Fall Guy. Recently, this American actress has turned to screenwriting, writing novels, and political activism. She is also well known in plastic surgery circles for having gone under the knife.

It’s clear that Heather Thomas has been under the knife more than one time! She seems to be quite the fan of plastic surgery. While Heather was always very sexy, she did not have the womanly curves she probably wanted. As she got older, perhaps she decided that it was a good idea to go ahead and go for it. Today, she has a large bust. Her original bust was likely about a B cup, but now her breasts have increased to a D cup! As she’s still very frail and thin, and is clearly not pregnant, the only real explanation is plastic surgery.

It’s not unusual for an aging celebrity to decide to get Botox injections. It is clear that Heather has used Botox injections in her face in areas like her forehead, her cheeks, and around her mouth. These injections, when used regularly, have likely kept away her fine lines, wrinkles, and any sagging skin that might normally have appeared by now.

While her nose was always very narrow and thin, somehow over the years it’s gotten even narrower and thinner! It would appear that she’s had a nose job to make the bridge of the nose as narrow as possible, and pinched the tip even further. If she’s not careful, that nose might just disappear!
Actress Heather Thomas underwent six hours of plastic and orthopedic surgery Thursday on her legs, which were broken when she was struck by a car.
"Her physician, Dr. Steve Hoefflin, remains hopeful of a good prognosis," said a statement released Thursday night by St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica.

These days, she makes her news not by acting, but by being an activist, as she has become known for her work as a politcaly liberal fundraiser. Another thing she’s done since her days on television was get some plastic surgery. It looks like Heather Thomas has had a nose job (a rhinoplasty that thinned out the bridge of her nose a bit and made it seem sharper), and eyelid surgery (a blepharoplasty that made her eyes wider and fought off the bags and crow’s feet that usually come with age). She also may have gotten some Bottox injections and a facelift the keep her skin from being as wrinkly as the skin of a fifty-four year old woman should be. Whatever she’s done, she looks pretty good, but she definitely doesn’t look natural.

Thomas first underwent plastic surgery Wednesday to repair the injuries she sustained in Tuesday's accident.
Thomas, co-star of the canceled ABC-television series "The Fall Guy," was jaywalking across San Vicente Boulevard after emerging from a market with a friend at 5:40 p.m. Tuesday when she was struck by a car traveling 15 to 20 m.p.h., Los Angeles Police Officer Victor Curti said.
The actress suffered cuts, scrapes and bruises, as well as the leg injuries. She also complained of head and chest pains, Curti said.