Sunday, May 18, 2014

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Chin Implants Before and After Pictures

Actress Haylie Duff maybe don't have all the success that her sister Hilary has yet, but after so many rumors of plastic surgery she could be preparing herself to become a better known face in the celebrity world.  She has been rumored to have had a lot of facial work, including a nose job and chin reduction, and more recently breast implants, and looking to her pictures we can't avoid to see the difference on her look.
Everybody knows that Hilary Duff has had some, let’s say strange, plastic surgery over the years. Could her semi-famous sister be following suit? Recently Haylie Duff has appeared in the media looking more like her sister than ever, and not for any genetic reasons. It would appear that this celebrity sister had a nose job, and a chin reduction. The press has been speculating about her probably plastic surgery ever since recent photos were released showing her new, changed face.

Sometimes stars like to splash out in public when they have plastic surgery and show off their new look, like Amanda Bynes, but this was not the case with Haylie. She has, however, clearly had a rhinoplasty procedure done. If you look closely, the profile of her formerly up-turned nose has been pointed straight ahead. It would also appear that she has had the nostrils tucked in a bit. Plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas P. Sterry of New York agrees, and adds that she’s also definitely had work done on her chin.

Did Haylie Duff Have Plastic Surgery?

The American actress and songwriter who was born on February 19, 1985 clearly has some changes on her appearance if we look at and compare her latest appearance with the oldest one. The first change is on her nose shape which looks more pointed straight ahead. Some of us may know that she previously had a bulbous and wide nose shape. Thus we do believe that Haylie Duff nose job rumor is in fact true.
The second change on her appearance is on her chin area which looks more feminine and daintier than she used to. Her previous chin appears to be wide and undefined well, but it now has changed in very short time. Therefore we guess that she possibly has got mammoplasty to refine her chin appearance.

Even though there many people are talking about her lately, but she just stays mum with the rumors as if she does not care about public suspicions. Nevertheless some people agree if her wonderful and elegant appearance is obtained through plastic surgery procedures because it is almost impossible for other young women to have some drastic appearance change if they do not have plastic surgeon’s aids.
In short, regardless to whether Haylie Duff has really been under knife or not, we notice that the young actress now looks more beautiful and more feminine with her new appearance. However, if she really has some works done, we guess that she must have taken a lot of advantages from her surgery procedures because she looks great after getting some beauty enhancements.

In the past, Haylie Duff had quite the pointy chin, but now that witch-like look is all gone. It’s clear that she’s used plastic surgery to form a daintier, more feminine chin. Changing her chin so drastically has changed her entire profile, but hasn’t altered her look to the point where she’s unrecognizable.
Overall, it looks like Haylie has done a good job with both procedures. She did not change her look so much that people don’t know who she is, but rather made some subtle changes. The features she’s changed were probably pet peeves that had always bothered her, so she seized the opportunity to go under the knife and have them fixed.

Looking at the before and after photos of Haylie Duff, do you think she looks better after plastic surgery?