Monday, May 12, 2014

Has Harry Connick had Plastic Surgery Before and After pictures

Did Harry Connick Jr. Have Plastic Surgery?
Becoming an entertainer is not an easy choice.  You must weigh the positives and negatives.  You must decide whether you want to expose every aspect of your life to fans and paparazzi.  You are the object of attention of the masses when you place yourself in the public arena. Your private life is no longer your own.  People want to know what you do, when you do it, and who you do it with. The thought of this may drive you away from pursuing your dream and utilizing your god given talents and skills. If not you must be aware that your appearance plays a crucial role in helping you to reach your lofty goals.   While it is unfair, when you are an entertainer, not only will your skills be judged, but your looks as well.  Your ability to connect with an audience may depend on how attractive you are to that audience. In order to maximize your advantage, a celebrity may choose to undergo plastic surgery to enhance their attributes.  In the music industry, you are constantly on stage under the spotlight.  You may decide to make sure, as you age, you continue to remain as youthful looking as ever under the glare of the lights.  Harry Connick Jr. is an example of an entertainer that may well have heeded this call.

Harry Connick Jr. was born in 1967, and is currently in his mid 40s, an age where men and women both begin to appreciate the possibility of degrading looks. He is an American singer and actor.  He is ranked among the top 60 best selling male artists in the music industry.  He has produced albums that cover a wide spread variety of genres, and his bestselling album is a  Christmas album, which is also one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time. He made an easy transition into movies, appearing in films like Copycat, Hope Floats, and Basic.  He appeared on the television sitcom Will & Grace in a recurring role for four years. He is a handsome perfumer with a silky smooth voice.  His looks will always lead to question of plastic surgery, so we must look at photos to see if there is evidence of any procedures.

Harry Connick Jr. has produced many classics, especially in jazz.  His looks can be considered classic as well.  But, the question is, are they the product of good genes or surgical improvements? In examining the photos, it is hard to tell.  His facial features are very similar in comparison to earlier photographs.  There are no telling signs of any obvious work, or any indication that Harry went under the knife.  Questions will always exist for superstars who are attractive.  You must decide if Harry Connick Jr. is all natural or not.

Has Harry Connick Jr’s Wife, Jill Goodacre, had Plastic Surgery? 

Best known for being one of Victoria’s Secret’s most popular models, something has changed in Jill Goodacre’s appearance since her retirement from modeling. thinks it could be plastic surgery.

45-year old Jill Goodacre retired from modeling for the Victoria’s Secret catalogue after she married singer/Harry Connick Jr. But that hasn’t kept the mother of three out of the spotlight.

Jill goodacre, Plastic Surgery

Since retiring from the lingerie catalogue, Jill’s appearance has changed somewhat. Her cheeks seem fuller and more pronounced than they used to, which could be the result of an injecatble filler like Perlane or Juvederm. Jill’s forehead also seems to be rather smooth, so she could be using Botox there, but not around her eyes in the crow’s feet region for a more natural look.

New York plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden says, ”She looks as if she may have had soft tissue fillers injected into her cheeks to achieve more volume, as they are starting to look a bit overinjected.  It also looks as if she may have had Botox to her forehead.”

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “It looks like the Mrs. Connick has enhanced her cheeks with facial fillers to give her a more look to her face.  However; in order to complete her youthful look, she should get some Botox around her eyes to get rid of her crows feet.”

Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California says, “Jill Goodacre does not have many more lines than she did in earlier photos. There is a possibility she had Botox and/or facial fillers. Her look is natural, and she would not benefit from any work at this time.”

However, Jill is beginning to show signs of jowls, which are the result of age and could be rectified with a mini-necklift. Given her jowls, Jill could be in need of some plastic surgery, rather than already having had some.

Jill and Harry seem to be a happy couple, gaining weight together and lasting longer than many Hollywood couples and Make Me Heal wishes them a happy future as well.

Harry Connick Jr. Has the Best Hairpiece on Earth

Some fast facts about Harry Connick Jr:  he’s sold more than 25 million albums around the globe as a singer/songwriter, he’s a successful actor, he’s married to a Victoria Secret’s model, he’s rich and famous, and…he wears a hairpiece. You gotta love a guy who has achieved so much, is in the public eye, and wears a rug on his head. I would be super paranoid that everyone was looking at my hair, but not Harry. In fact, I think he has one of the best concealed bald heads in Hollywood. So you aren’t so sure he rocks a piece? OK… let’s look deeper.

To expose Harry’s secret you have to go back to his younger years, back when he first hit the scene in 1989. Take a look at the picture of Harry on his first album cover, notice the rather large temple recession? It’s pretty obvious Harry had the beginnings of a receding hairline. Going bald can be tough on a young guy, imagine how much worse it would be if you’re on your way to becoming super rich and famous. That had to have been a crushing blow to Harry’s ego. Well if it did crush Harry, he didn’t let it show.

He looks like he immediately started wearing a hairpiece to conceal his recession. It looks like Harry is wearing one of the newer hair systems, the ones that have the thin micro lace mesh. Look at the more recent pictures of Harry and you will notice right away that his temple recession is totally gone now. Looking closer you can make out the fine seam where his scalp and the lace wig are attached by an adhesive bond. I doubt it’s a hair transplant as the density and thickness are too great to achieve with surgery. His hairline looks unnatural and pluggy because it’s just that. I can only imagine what a nightmare it must be to keep up this act(I guess Enrique Iglesias could tell you). Harry has pretty much committed to a lifetime of maintenance routines to constantly keep his hair system looking the best it can be.

In the end, it’s Harry’s head and if he chooses to cover it up with glue, plastic and someone else’s hair, that’s his business. After all, this man is proof you can rock a wig and be enormously successful; not to mention get hot ladies. Harry, we salute your baldness and your secret is safe with us.