Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christian Slater Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Browlift

Christian Slater used to be a Hollywood bad boy, landing him in the tabloids as often as jail. Now it’s his possible tinkering with plastic surgery that’s making headlines.
Actor Christian Slater has been rumored to have had some plastic surgery procedures to help him maintain his look, but some of his fans think that it is only botox and his receding hairline just doesn't help him too much.
Looking at his forehead it is hard not to notice that is pretty much wrinkle free suggesting botox injections, but the look of his eyebrows takes a lot of our attention, since he didn't have that look when he was younger, it could be the result of too much botox, but also a brow lift, his large forehead could be a sign of it if we wouldn't see it become to this point with time.

Comparing some older pictures of Christian we don't think that he got anything else done since his nose looks pretty much the same as well as other facial features.  It is more and more common between men, specially celebrities to get some plastic surgery procedure to maintain their image as they age, being botox one of the most pupular.

Christian Slater Overdoses On Botox Injections
At 39-years old, Christian Slater seems to have reformed his bad boy ways, but his famous eyebrows look more arched than ever, thanks to some Botox and his notoriously receding hairline.

Facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Paul S. Nassif says, “I don’t think that Christian Slater has had any invasive surgery. He may have had forehead Botox, as his forehead is very smooth and his medial eyebrows are low. I think his receding hairline matches his face. He should not have any treatment for lowering his hairline, nor hair transplant surgery.”

While views are mixed as to whether or not Christian should help his receding hairline by getting some hair transplants, one thing is certain, he needs to stay away from the Botox injections which are accentuating his forehead and brows, giving him an almost feminine appearance.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Christian looks like he has had too much Botox – his medial brows are down and his lateral brows appear asymmetric. He may benefit from hair transplantation to help his large forehead and receding hairline.”

While Christian is a talented actor, his face looks nearly frozen into place from his Botox use.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston says, “I suspect the Christian Slater is using heavy doses of Botox to achieve such a frozen appearance. In my opinion he looks a little unnatural and too feminine. I would advise him to give the injectables a rest for a while.”
While Christian may not be as popular as he was back in the 90s, look out for him Lies & Illusions, due out later this year.

Christian Slater has been famous in the Hollywood being the bad boy who always remains in news for bad reasons. Recently, he became the center of plastic surgery rumors where the media published that he has had plastic surgery; however when researched through the reports, it emerged out that these reports were all false, as they had no truth behind them. It is not known who the people were who had published these reports in the media and what they wanted to prove through these reports.

However, there have been some of the plastic surgeons who do believe that he has some connections with the Botox injections, as his clear forehead and eyebrows are suggesting that he is not 100% natural and pure. It is true that he has not had any plastic surgery done, but it is also true that we cannot say him a hundred percent natural person, as he has some connections with some of plastic procedures.

Dr. Paul Nassif says that he has seen some of the pictures of the boy and after examining these photos, he has come to the conclusion that he has really been using Botox injections. But the experts also advise him to not use this injection too much, as it can harm him. When you look at the hair of the boy, it seems like he needs to do something for them as they are falling rapidly, and he would become bald soon if he did not do anything for hairs.