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Christa Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Breast Implants and Cheek Implants

In consequence of drastic changing on the actress appearance, plastic surgery rumor would follow her up, although she denied hardly for this rumor. It happened to Christa Miller who was also rumored doing a lot of plastic surgery that could be noticed easily. In this case the big changing of her was always shown on her recent photos spread in the internet.
Let’s see what parts of Christa Miller’s appearance that is known as American comedian, is changed. At first, she might do Blepharoplasty that is also known as Eye job. Here, people are able to see that her eye is much bigger than years ago. It is common for getting slanted eye when a woman is getting in her 48 age like her. On the contrary, it did not happen to her due to the impacts of Eye job for sure. Thus the sign of aging on her eye region was already removed.

Furthermore, she probably also do Breast implants and Cheek implants as well. It is noticed easily that both of her breast and cheek are much pumping up right now. Of course, it is the indication of some implants she did in the past. In addition, she may also do Botox injections as well as Lip filler injections to remove other signs of her aging. As a result, she looks like having artificial face for now. In conclusion, the plastic surgery she did all this time has made her appearance into unnatural looking like that.

Christa Miller Nose Job.
Christa Miller who was born on 28th May 1964 is well recognized by public as an actress, her name became popular when she was firstly known through her role in The Drew Carey Show comedy film which derived her achieved success in entertainment industry. As it happened to other Hollywood celebrities, the more they became famous the more people will pay attention to her. Likewise Christa Miller is recently paid attention by public because of her appearance changed. When celebrities have drastically changed look, they must be accused of having some jobs done, as well as Christa Miller.

There are many reasons for the Hollywood celebrities whose plastic surgery procedures, two of them are for aesthetic and sensation. But the big question is what kinds of purpose which derived Miller to have surgical procedures. Did she really have it for enhancing her beautiful appearance or is it just of sensations or rumors whose truth still needs some clarification?

Based on the comparison before and after Christa Miller plastic surgery pictures, she looks likely to have some jobs on her face such as eyelids surgery, botox injection, cheek implants, and nose job. The significant difference on her face is that her face looks fuller, particularly cheek which was apparently plumped. While the other signs which indicated her cosmetic procedures are on lips as though it was injected with some filler as like Restylane, her eyelids, and nose appearance.

According to Dr Anthony Youn, Miller lips were likely injected with Restylane as the result it looks rounded and fantastic. He also noted that her cheek seemed to undergo implanted, while for her eyelids were transformed throughout blepharoplasty surgery in order to create the upper eyelids. Botox was seemingly injected on her face as well so that her appearance looks like an old woman than she should be. However before she responded to the whole her cosmetic procedures rumors, she was also charged of having rhinoplasty.
Some believed that Christa Miller surgery procedures had helped much for her appearance in Scrubs sitcom series. Most of us agree that one of the best ways to enhance career in entertainment industry is through plastic surgery. But we have to keep in mind that not all celebrities could make balance between the surgery proportion and entertainment industry demands. But Miller could manage all her roles in various films in which she synchronized with some surgery procedures.

Last but not least, since Christa Miller appearance was dramatically changed through some procedures including eyelids surgery, botox injection, cheek implants, and nose job, she is likely to have awful, unique, and false appearance.

What do you thin about her drastically change? Did she really have some imperfect jobs on her face? Never hesitate to share your thoughts!

Has Christa Miller Had Plastic Surgery?

Christa Miller, born May 28, 1964, is rumored to be a celebrity. Christa is a famous American actress who has had much success in television comedies.

One of the most infamous roles she is known for is for playing Kate O’Brien on The Drew Carey Show. Also, she is very famous for her role in the hit-comedy series Scrubs, which she played Jordan Sullivan, which is ironically created by her husband Bill Lawrence.

She has appeared on numerous favorite America television shows: Seinfeld, CSI, Miami, and Cougar Town
In Seinfeld, she played George Costanza’s boss, in the Sniffing Accountant episode. Playing this role was the boiling point of her career, where she turned to loving comedy.

Ever since joining the Drew Carey Show, Christa Miller looks more and more plastic.

At 44 year’s old, she might being trying to keep up her Hollywood image, turning in filled lips and getting breast augmentations. Being well known for her quirky and cute look, she may have attempted to find the fountain of youth using botox, injectable fillers, and perhaps rhinoplasty.

Her lip fillers are said to be from Restylane, because she appears to have pumped up look to her. To prolong her career, she may have had cheek implants to reduce her wrinkles, and improve her beauty in an artificial manner.

Christa Miller has shown the world that she is a great comedic talent, and she has proven herself as a great actress in Scrubs. On the show of Scrubs, Christa plays jokes about using botox, but in real life, her face may be portraying the real reality.

Although she has failed to comment on whether she has had plastic surgery or not, it seems apparent she started plastic work on herself while appearing on Scrubs.Christa Miller (image hosted by

Playing a comedic actress who jokes around about using botox is one thing, but using them in real life is another.

Christa has only joked around about using it, but the evidence seems overwhelming that she has turned to the plastic side.

Reality check: Her face does not move, which is a surefire indication of using botox. While looking at Jennifer Aniston’s treatments, and checking out Sandra Bullock’s plastic surgery that supposedly enhanced their careers, then why wouldn’t Christa go under the knife?

Dr. Anthony Youn makes a case by stating, “It appears to me that she has had her lips injected with a filler, likely Restylane, and she may have had fat grafting to her cheek or possibly cheek implants.”

He further states how she appears to have had botox and had openings on her upper eyelids.

Even though Christa denies the allegations of plastic surgery, the evidence appears to be on her body.

When you do artificial beauty to your body for a career, then this can be the beginning of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Bad celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures show the unnatural beauty that Hollywood stars put themselves through for the sake of their careers.

Whether the Christa Miller plastic surgery story will impact hers remains to be seen.