Monday, June 17, 2013

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Chin Implants

People started wondering about possible Cheri Oteri plastic surgery a few years ago, when they‘ve noticed that she doesn‘t seem to show any signs of aging even though she is in her 40‘s. Cheri Oteri is a famous comedian and actress mostly remembered for her roles in such comedies as “Liar Liar”, “Inspector Gadget”, “Dumb and Dumber”, “Scary Movie” and many others.
Many Hollywood celebrities choose to get some kind of plastic procedures done when they get closer to their middle ages. However, most of them still seem to hide it as if it was something to be ashamed of. Cheri Oteri is no exception – she has neither denied nor confirmed her possible plastic surgeries. For now, photo comparisons are the only source of information that we can get.

Many of her fans believe that there actually was at least a little Cheri Oteri plastic surgery done. First thing that people notice is that actress‘s face doesn‘t show any wrinkles and looks shiny which most of the times can mean that a person might have gotten some Botox injections. Another popular speculation is about possible chin implant. Looking at her older photos it seems that her chin looked much more rounded and less obvious than it looks now. People are also questioning the possibility that actress might have had a rhinoplasty procedure at some point of her life. However, when comparing photos, it doesn’t seem that there is a big difference. Even if she really had a nose surgery, it was done really well because there aren’t any obvious changes, her nose just seems a little bit thinner. There were some rumors about possible facelift, but these are probably not true, because her face doesn’t seem to have that tightness which happens when this kind of procedure is done.
Despite all these rumors, the changes on Cheri Oteri face doesn‘t seem to be very obvious. People should consider the possibility that her face might have naturally changed a little bit as a part of growing older. For example, those very subtle changes on her nose and chin could be all natural. Other possibilities should be considered as well, for example, makeup can play a big part in how a person’s face looks. Also, her nose and chin might look a little bit different because of different lighting and viewing angle in compared photos. However, the speculations about Botox injections can‘t be crossed out so easily.

All things considered, we can‘t know for sure if the rumors about Cheri Oteri plastic surgery are true. It seems that there might have been at least a little plastic surgery procedures done, but we can never know for sure until actress herself decides to talk about it.

Cheri Oteri and the notion of cosmetic surgery has been speculated for the past couple of years, since the star has begun to age some but is showing no signs of being in her late 40s.

Cheri Oteri, who was born Cheryl O’Teari on September 19, 1965, is a comedic celebrity actress who is perhaps best known for her stint as a Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member from 1995-2000. Perhaps her most memorable performances on SNL were when she did celebrity impressions.

She has impersonated Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lopez (see also has Jennifer Lopez had surgery?), Judge Judge, Mariah Carey (see Mariah Carey before and after), Kathy Lee Gifford and even Ross Perot.

She is a gifted comedian who during and after leaving SNL transitioned to comic films such as Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, Scary Movie, Inspector Gadget and Southland Tales.

She also has made numerous guest appearances on several television shows. While she worked on SNL she was often regarded for her fresh-faced, girl next door looks but that was when she was in her late 20s early 30s.
As a middle-aged woman who will be 50 in four short years, Cheri Oteri does not look to have aged much which has caused fans and celebrity bloggers to question whether or not she has had celebrity cosmetic surgery.  When actors and actresses reach their middle age, it is perfectly normal for fans to start asking these types of questions.

In the same vain, you might ask has Julia Roberts had cosmetic surgery? And judging by some of the pictures, other popular celebs such as Kim Kardashian are rarely out of the headlines these days for the same reasons (see also Kim Kardashian surgery before and after).

Has Cheri Oteri Had Cosmetic Surgery?

No reports have indicated that Cheri Oteri has admitted to having plastic surgery but then again, she has not denied the rumors either.

After appearing on a few red carpets in 2009 looking noticeable “refreshed”, which is sometimes code for “work has been done”, the blogosphere erupted in searches for the actual plastic surgeries Oteri may have had done.

There are several noticeable differences in her face that prompted people to question some facial features that look a lot different now than say five or ten years ago.

It is alleged that she has had a facelift without surgery, an eyelift, a blepharophasty (eyelid surgery), conservative rhinoplasty, a chin implant, botox and facial fillers.

Again, Oteri has neither confirmed or denied any such plastic surgery. In Hollywood, cosmetic surgery is an all too common occurrence but many celebrities are still guarded about disclosing such information. It is like the last big taboo that everyone is doing or perhaps more accurately, hiding in plain sight.

Cheri Oteri Facelift
Facelift is the plastic surgery procedure that was taken by Cheri Oteri to keep youthful and ageless. It’s because as a woman in 50 her face looks tight and toned with bit elevated eyes from the Facelift done. The facelift helps Cheri Oteri smooth wrinkles and aging lines around her face. Despite she looks very youthful with Facelift, this procedure also makes Cheri Oteri facial skin looks very smooth and fresh.
Cheri Oteri Blepharoplasty
It’s likely that Cheri Oteri had Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery a very long time ago. It’s because she has well known with her big eyes even though when Cheri Oteri was very young she has cramped and small eyes shape. Cheri Oteri has Blepharoplasty to make her eyes wider and bigger because she used known with baggy eyes that gave her tiring appearance. And it’s likely that Blepharoplasty still work well with Cheri Oteri even she is aged now.

Cheri Oteri Chin Implant
Having pronounced chin make people accused Cheri Oteri has a chin implant too when she was young. Her chin seems protruding, high and quite well defined. The chain that quite pronounced make Cheri Oteri has a sharp jaw line and sculptured facial shape. Her face becomes oval and defined creating more attractive looks on her face. Cheri Oteri also accused has laser treatment like Fraxel to rejuvenate her facial skin.

Cheri Oteri facial skins showing a lot of signs of plastic surgery that probably hard to hide anymore. But I think she looks good with this condition and make Cheri Oteri  still dazzling even though she is already 50 years old now.

Cheri Oteri’s Plastic Surgery Isn’t Funny

Cheri Oteri has likely had a facelift, which has left her face pulled a little too tight, given it an almost shiny appearance. She may have also had an eyelift, because her eyes look even smaller than used to and may have been pulled too tightly as well during a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Cheri’s nose also appears to be a little thinner, which is the result of a conservative rhinoplasty, leaving her with a more elegant and less rounded nasal tip.

Many also suspect that Cheri has had a chin implant, as her chin seems more pronounced, giving her face a more oval shape than it had previously. This would make sense, as chin implants often go together with rhinoplasty procedures. Although Cheri is best known for her characters on SNL, she still pops up in various movies and television shows, playing kooky characters. She likely maintains her wrinkle-free look with facial fillers and Botox and possible laser treatments as well, which would also contribute to the shiny look.

Although it’s hard to grow old gracefully and naturally, plastic surgery can help folks appear younger longer. However, having too many procedures all at once often makes people look strange, rather than younger or better and Cheri seems to have learned this lesson the hard way.