Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Chin Implants

Chelsea Victoria Clinton is known as Bill Clinton’s daughter. She is now 33 years old. In a recent years, people noted that Chelsea had gone under plastic surgery due to her new appearance. People also predicted that the lady enhanced her look under plastic surgery before she married Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea might possibly had a rhinoplasty and chin implant. 

Has Chelsea Clinton Had Plastic Surgery?

Every bride wants the perfect body on her perfect day. The sudden pre-wedding fitness frenzy does not exclude First Daughters.

Like countless brides before her, Chelsea Clinton (born February 27, 1980) had a specific goal in mind during the months leading up to her summer wedding in 2010.
The only daughter of former president Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently became a full-time correspondent for NBC.

After years helping to promote the political work of her parents and furthering her business education, Chelsea will be stepping up as a correspondent on the nightly news.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic stated that Chelsea Clinton had a rhinoplaty to beautify her nose, while the chin augmentation is used to make the shape of the chin looked better. As we can see from her previous photo, her nose looked bigger and rounder. And after she decided to go under rhinoplasty, it seems she had removed that bumps and make it narrower and better nose and it is successfully done.
Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Nose Job Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Besides, her chin also looked reshape. she might have injected implants in her chin, so that the chin area and the jawline looked pretty nice. Overall she looked better recently and not overdo with it. For her successful plastic surgery, she looked happier and more confident as well. Beside those two possible plastic surgeries, Dr. Jennifer Walden on his blog ever noted that Chelsea might also had a filler in her lips and also refine her teeth with the help of dentist.

Check “Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery before and after photos” below. It’s hard to believe that Chelsea Clinton this 33 year old political women who has beauty within rather than outside also choose to do plastic surgery. It’s also turned out that she has done chin implant and nose job plastic surgery!

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery - chin implant (chin fillers) before and after

It’s quite clear to see she has done chin implants or chin fillers!

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery – nose job

Her nose shape also changed which might be due to the nose job. Do you like her new look?

Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery: botox

It’s also rumored that Chelsea Clinton has done botox maybe because of her fake smile. It might be possible. But who knows. It’s interesting that a photo of Paris Hilton and Chelsea published. They are at the same age!

If Chelsea not yet do botox, it might be a good idea to consider about it.

Chelsea Clinton dental work and Juvelderm

It’s also said Chelsea Clinton has done dental work and Juvelderm, estimated by plastic surgeon.

Clinton also underwent dental work and received Juvederm – a dermal filler – to disguise her “gummy” smile. – Dr. Jennifer Walden, plastic surgeon

Anyhow, she has the similar smile and facial impressions with her mom I guess?

Chelsea Clinton has had a lot of plastic surgery from her days as the first daughter.  Her before and after photos show a possible nose job and chin implant.  Also, she now gets her hair straightened and clearly has a professional makeup artist. Here's Chelsea Clinton before and after plastic surgery.  She looks great after all of the facial reconstruction.  She had all of the cosmetic surgery done gracefully and achieved a natural looking result.