Monday, June 3, 2013

Charlie Sheen Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Charlie Sheen’s Nose Job Nomination

It might come as a shock to many of you that Charlie Sheen did infant have plastic surgery. It's funny to think that with all the insanity and the tour he's putting to save his reputation he had a nose job. I would of never thought it. EVER! It looks as though he had a bulbous Spanish style nose. He had his nasal bridge aggressively smoothed down and slightly narrowed. However, he did not have the tip raised or shortened. This picture shows an interesting angle of his nose. It looks very long indeed. But, Charlie Sheen's career certainly skyrocketed after he had his nose job.

It has been a busy week for actor Charlie Sheen. His TV show Two and a Half Men returned to air, the DVD of last season was released, and he was nominated for an Emmy. Not to mention his hectic personal life, from tabloid interest in his ex-wife, Denise Richards, to his pregnant current wife, Brooke Allen, who just had emergency gallbladder surgery. But Make Me Heal wonders if Charlie Sheen’s had time for plastic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty (nose job), during all of this.

43-year old Charlie was nominated for an Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy for his work on Two and Half Men (see Make Me Heal’s story on the Plastic Surgery at the 2008 Emmys). Although he lost to 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin, Charlie still looked good with his new nose.

Charlie’s old nose was a little crooked and bumpy, with a wide bridge and an obvious hook. His nose job fixed this while maintaining the masculinity of his nose’s appearance, which doesn’t always happen in male rhinoplasty patients. The new nose is only slight smaller, but the wide bridge and hook is gone, giving his nose a much straighter, elegant appearance.

Charlie isn’t the only member of his family to go under the knife to look better. His older brother, actor and director Emilio Estevez, has had more than his share of plastic surgery, although it wasn’t as successfully good-looking as Charlie’s. Emilio has likely had a browlift, rhinoplasty, and may have had an injectable filler to add volume to his cheeks. Emilio has hollows under his eyes and very arches brows indicating a possible browlift. His nose appears straighter and with a more rounded tip indicating a possible rhinoplasty. The lack of furrows on his forehead and lack of crow’s feet around the eyes indicate the use of injectable fillers like Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm.

Despite all of Charlie Sheen's publicity and scandals, most  people don't know that he had plastic surgery for a nose job.  The before and after photos reveal that he used to have a very humped nose. After cosmetic surgery, the bridge of Charlie Sheen's nose looks flat and smooth.  His nose went from being a ramp to slope.