Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rumors Georgia Salpa Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Boob Job Before and After Photos

Celebrity Big Brother star Georgia Salpa came clean in January 2012 when she admitted her image wasn’t quite as natural as you might have imagined.
Rumors about possible Georgia Salpa plastic surgery. It is normal having in mind that she is a famous and beautiful young woman. Most of the people know Georgia Salpa as a part of Celebrity Big Brother project.

Most of the rumors about possible Georgia Salpa plastic surgery started to show up when people have noticed some changes in her appearance. The first thing that we notice when looking at some of the photo comparisons is that her breast size has noticeably changed. It seems that her breasts have become at least two sizes bigger during a very short period of time. Of course, people started suspecting that she might have gotten breasts implants. However, Georgia Salpa has denied these rumors and said that her breasts are all natural.

Georgia might pass for a Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery look-a-like, but the truth is she’s only admitted to having fillers!
No, not Botox but lip injections.
Georgia Salpa Gets Lip Injections…

So, the truth is out. Her lips are about as genuine as her all year round suntan.
Who let the cat out of the bag? Well, it was none other than her new manager, Dave Read, who clearly is in a great position to know the score:
I’ve asked her about her boobs and they are real but she always winks when I ask her if she’s had her lips done,” he said.
She’s a beautiful girl, inside and out, and everyone seems to be obsessed with her boobs but they’re real. And yeah, maybe she has had a cheeky injection in her lips.
But Did Georgia Have a Boob Job?

Given the Celebrity Big Brother publicity, discussions have focused on whether Miss Salpa may have had celeb plastic surgery.
While clearly not in the Heidi Montag or Lindsay Lohan league, there’s possibly some evidence (as our before and after pictures show) to support the argument.
Dave, however, went a step further and adamantly denied the breast enhancement rumours despite the fact that things seemed have expanded from a genuine 32C to glamour girl 30E!

Dave said: “I’m not an expert in these things but there must be something in the milk in Dublin” which sounds a bit like the boob job equivalent of Father Christmas, so we’re sort of suspicious that to be honest.
Georgia, who recently teamed up with Neon Management in London in an effort to get her UK career going, is an old flame of Calum Best.
Dave argued that appearing on Celebrity Big Brother should be the first of many stages of a potentially money-spinning career.

He said: “She’s not the big ‘I am’ type of person, she’s quiet and quite shy but she’s very down-to-earth and that’s what people will like about her. She’s just an all round good Irish lass and we’re taking things one day at a time but I’m confident the British public will embrace her just like the Irish have.

Did Georgia Salpa Undergone Plastic Surgery
There were other rumors about Georgia Salpa plastic surgery which were not as likely to be true, because there is almost no evidence to support them. People were speculating about possible lip augmentation, cheek fillers and rhinoplasty. Looking at the photo comparisons, we can see some subtle changes on her face, but it is hard to tell if they have happened naturally or because of plastic surgery. Recently one of these rumors have been confirmed – Georgia admitted that she has had lip fillers, but that is all. According to her, that is the only procedure that she has had, but she wouldn’t cross out the possibility of getting something done in the future. One way or another, we can see that Georgia Salpa plastic surgery isn’t one of the plastic surgery gone wrong examples. Even with the fillers, her lips don’t look too full or swollen – they look natural and fit her face perfectly. Of course, who knows how she will look in the future if she has started getting plastic surgery while she’s still in her 20s.
All things considered, we know for sure that there has been at least one Georgia Salpa plastic surgery and it was lip fillers. As for the other rumors, nobody knows for sure, because there isn’t enough evidence, at least for know. For now, everyone can decide for themselves and without a doubt there will still be various rumors about her possible surgeries. What we do know for sure is that Georgia Salpa is a young beautiful woman who doesn’t really need any kind of surgical alteration to look that way.