Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgey Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

Gisele Bundchen is pretty well-known as a Brazilian Fashion Model. She is also taking a role as an ambassador of United Nation for Environment Program. The supermodel who was born on July 20th, 1980, is also known as the highest paid supermodel based on
Many people have known about her career as a model, but another interesting thing that make some people feel curious and some people impressed is a big question whether the super model had gone under the knife  or not.

When you look at her current pictures, she looks perfect and natural.  This is probably the effect that she wanted when she opted for cosmetic surgery.  In older photos, she had a bigger, less defined nose. The large tip is now smaller, and somewhat pointy.  Her bridge is more narrow as well.  These are some pretty drastic differences.

What kinds of plastic surgery Gisele Bundchen has done?

Well, this is no longer a secret for top people in the world to join plastic surgery, but it would be interesting to know further about what kinds of plastic surgery she had to beautify her look.

The first activity she had is a nose job. She was suspected to have a nose job, because there’s a significant change showed in her look. In the past, her nose looked a bit big and rounded, but currently, her nose looked thinner, and at a glance,  her nose looked have more pointed pin.

The second suspect is her breast. Many people impressed that the look of her breast seems awesome. It looked so natural. Some media told that she might have a plastic surgery activity on her breast. And she had done it great. Previously, her breast had small B cup size, and when she reappeared to the public, It changed to big C Cup. This is too strange to be as the result of a natural process, isn’t it?
Out from all people’s imagination about her decision, Gisele Bundchen had done something great, to enhance her appearance. The result seems so natural and impressive. At a glance, it didn’t look she had gone under the knife.

Aside from these changes, you will also see that she doesn’t really have as much of a droop on her nose.  It is perkier, straighter and more defined.  She actually had a very successful surgery, as many other celebrities have not really had these ideal results.  Her face does look essentially the same, but you can’t mistake the fact that there are some changes.

Gisele Bundchen plastic surgery probably took the leap to have her nose job so that she could get further in her modeling career.  She may have even been asked to have the procedure if she wanted to continue.  The good news is that it worked out in her favor, or most people would agree that it did.

When you look at Gisele Bundchen nose job before and after photo, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Can you see these changes in her nose?  It is really hard to miss it, especially if you compare them side by side.  Do you think that it made a difference in her looks?  Is she more beautiful now that she has been under the knife?  Was it a good idea for her to have the surgery?  Do you think that she should have other procedures done in the future, or should she stop with her subtle changes that help to enhance her natural beauty?  So many stars actually get too much plastic surgery, and lets hope that Bunchen doesn’t follow their path.

Gisele Bundchen nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Compared with her nose shape in 1999 and 2003, you can see her nose shape changed significantly during 4 years of time. Her nose was much wider and bigger. Now it looks much refined, narrower than before.

Gisele Bundchen breast implants
Gisele Bundchen had small and flat breasts. Her breast size at her ealier career is just small B cup. Then her breast size went from A cup to a large C cup, seeing her weight didn’t change much, the only possibility for such sudden change is breast implants.

I have to say her breast size is quite proportionate with her slim body and it’s not overdone to look unnatural.

It’s quite possible that Gisele Bundchen has multiple breast implants done because her breast sizes were not the same for different periods, especially when she was a victoria secret angel. From the following Gisele Bundchen’s breast implants before and after photos, you can see her breast size was from small A cup to B cup and you can notice her breast shape in the second photo was very round and seems not natural at all!