Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injections Before and After Pictures

Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery Has Gone Wrong
Most of people must not be strange anymore with Faye Dunaway, a legendaries actress in US who has been in existence in the world of film and entertainment industry.However her successfully career in entertainment industry seems to be polluted with the filler injection on her face. As public knew that she is best known for her role in Hollywood ageism throughout plastic surgery, unfortunately when she looks old she apparently twisted her resistance against ageism as if she was not strong enough to face her aging fears. How would she face her aging? Would Faye Dunaway have plastic surgery?
Being old seems to be the most frightening process for some Hollywood and worldwide celebrities, most of them are afraid of not being used anymore if she looks old and not attractive anymore. So it is not surprising anymore if they, who were firstly known as the activist against the ageism by having plastic surgery, are busy to visit the plastic surgeon to alter her old face to be youthful look, Faye Dunaway as well. She wasaccused of having facelift to tighten facial skin and remove the wrinkles on her face particularly on her forehead so that it will help her to have youthful appearance. She was also predicted to have filler injection including Botox to remove the line aging between her nose and mouth. Her youthful look was also predicted as the impact of resurfacing skins, chemical peel, and many others laser treatments.

Based on Faye before and after picture, she looks like to have blepharoplasty surgery to throw away the wrinkles under her eyelids. It can be seen trough her way to hide the scars or the swollen under her eyelids. From her pictures also the lips were clearly injected with collagen, Restylane, Juvederm particularly on her upper lip so that it looks unusual natural lips shape. Although it was not classified as the plastic surgery procedures but her teeth also experienced whitening.
In spite of Faye Dunaway plastic surgery truth and false, her cosmetic procedures including facelift, filler injection, Botox, and blepharoplasty surgery seems to be overdone on her face till she looks unusual in her old age, her appearance looks so weird. But we also admired her effort to keep exist in entertainment industry although she was not likely young anymore. However it might be subjective assessments, so we are still waiting for your share. What do you think about Faye transformation look? Did she really overdo?

We may say that Faye Dunaway was really legend and beauty iconic at that time, but although she is legend that was blessed with beautiful face, but once again she is just human that can’t win defeated the fate that he beauty was started to fade always and lot of aging sign appear on her face.

Faye Dunaway is one of senior celebrities despite Jane Fonda and Goldie Hwan that always rumored plastic surgery to refine their appearance. It make them were accused kind of celebrities who fear of aging and try to defeated the fate by choosing cosmetic process as the way out here. Public reported that it could be Faye Dunaway has undergoes several processes of plastic surgery like facelift, inject-able fillers like Botox, Restylane or Juvederm, blepharoplasty, lip injections, and obviously has dental veneers.
At her age its really possible for her cheek to get shaggy and started to be sunken, but Faye face looks puffed and elevated showing that the facelift do their work here. She enhance it with injectable fillers like Botox, Restylane or Juvederm to abolish wrinkle on her forehead laugh lines around her mouth and also any other wrinkle line sin her face. Her eyes also free from eyes bag make people believed that Faye had done blepharoplasty that was combined with lip injection to make her lip looks juicy and thickness.

Previously you may see Faye Dunaway teeth looks bit yellow but recently it looks brighter and whiter. Actually maybe at first time Faye Dunaway looks wonderful, but seems that she overdoing it and undergoes plastic surgery over and over again. That why something awful and odd starting to appear on her face that were accused as the result of plastic surgery.

Although for some people plastic surgery that was taken by Faye Dunaway to refine her appearance was useless and make her looks terrible awful than before, but we should appreciate her spirit to keep exist in this entertainment world.