Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Did Fergie had Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants Before and After Photos:

Fergie is a famous Hollywood singer, actress and songwriter. Her real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson but her co- host name, Fergie is the most popular when it comes to her identification.
She was born in California on 27th March, 1975. Her real name is Stacey Ferguson but she has become famous by the name Fergie while she participated the TV show with the kids and Wild Orchid. Fergie plastic surgery has become the topic of media discussion. There are rumors about her cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, and fillers. It has become easy to spot out the differences in her appearance and physique.

She is a co-host of a television show called great pretenders and she is also a female vocalist for the hip-hop group known as black eyed peas.

Fergie plastic surgery is a topic of media which is being discussed openly and widely. There is a widespread rumor that she has gotten Botox injections, fillers and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Opponents’ Reviews About Fergie Plastic Surgery

Reporters have claimed that Fergie is the leading candidate, who has opted for several surgeries. Fergie plastic surgery has helped her to adopt new looks. If we compare her old pictures with the recent images, we can get to know that there is a visible change in her breast size and face cuts. Her breast size has prominently changed and her boobs are well in shaped now. She may have implanted silicon pads to increase the size of her breast.  Her forehead is remarkably smooth and her cheeks are more shiny. Critics have pointed out the use of Botocx injections, fillers and face lift. Moreover, her brow and eyelids are perfectly lifted. Once the total estimate of Fergie plastic surgery treatment was asked to a doctor, he estimated the round about price of her medical treatment as thirty thousand dollars.

When Fergie plastic surgery was questioned about her changed facial expression and perfect figure, she admitted the use of Botox injections. The opponents of Fergie denied to accept her truth and stated that she had undergone nose surgery and breast implantation as well. It is clear from her pictures that her nose bridge is thinner and pinched now. Now, she has started to expose her body especially her breast because these are perfectly uplifted and more in shape. There are significant signs of cheek lift, jaw implant, and brow lift. A quick fleeting look at Fergie’s pictures can indicate several changes like well defined shape of the jaw line, tight neck skin, shiny face, big boobs, flaccid cheeks and more refined nose. It is important to note that she has appeared in America Idol with stunning looks, and lots of people have given comments about her recent attractive looks and call it the result of Fergie plastic surgery. However, she has not accepted all these comments. It is still a secret for her fans and media.

Though Fergie nose job has not come out openly on her plastic surgery issue, the differences on her appearance is easy to spot by just comparing her previous and recent photos.

Media has come out with claims that she has undertaken several cosmetic surgeries which have totally transformed her. They claim that Fergie plastic surgery has helped her to have new looks and beauty which makes her more famous.
There are rumors that she has had breast augmentation/implants, Botox injections, nose surgery, forehead and jaw lifts. All these form of plastic surgery has totally transformed her.

The argument is developed from the before & after Fergie plastic surgery pictures. From the pictures, it is clear that there are visible changes on her face profile, nose shape and breasts size.

Her recent pictures show an increased breast size an indication that she has had breast implants. Her breasts have prominently changed and in good shape.

Her face and cheeks are more shinny and smooth. Due to facelift and nose job, her eyes appear more lifted and her nose is in good shape. Critics have estimated Fergie total plastic surgery cost to around thirty thousand dollars.

Fergie plastic surgery has not yet come out openly about these speculations. When she was asked to explain the magic behind her perfect body figure and changed facial expressions, she said she will be open to Botox injections but denied having had surgery saying that the rumors are untrue.

She added by saying her previous skin damages as indicated by previous photos is as a results of damage by sun tanned. Her truth has been denied by her opponents who have stated that she has undergone other plastic surgeries. These surgeries include;

Fergie nose job
It is clear from her recent pictures that she has had a rhinoplasty. The pictures show a thinner and pinched bridge. When she was younger, her nose bridge was thicker but now it appears more defined and thinner.

Fergie breast implants

Of late, she has started exposing her breasts because they are perfectly uplifted, well shaped and firm. This shows a sign of breast implants. Today, her breast looks huge as shown by her boob job photos.

Fergie plastic surgery

From the after and before Fergie plastic surgery pictures, you will notice a big difference an indication of possible brow lift, cheek and jaw implants. Her face looks smooth and the cheeks appear fuller with more defined jaw line.