Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Has Greta Van Susteren had cosmetic surgery?
The Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery story is no secret, as this legal analyst for a host of television shows has publicly talked about her eye lift.
Greta Van Susteren was born on June 11, 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, and she has gained international recognition for her legal commentary on a number of television news shows.

She currently has her own show and is quickly making a name for herself on the talk show circuit. She first hit the public stage as a legal analyst for CNN during the O.J. Simpson trial.
She then went on to work for CNN in a variety of roles, but she has recently changed to Fox News where she has her own show and makes nearly 1 million dollars per year.
Many, however, have speculated on the job offer and the plastic surgery that was completed before Susteren went to work for Fox News.

Why did Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery?

Greta Van Susteren facelift was quite a popular discussion topic then, and it Plastic surgery has become a routine procedure for models, actors and several participants of the entertainment industry. Greta Van Susteran nose job and eye work are topics of numerous water-cooler discussions across the country.

The public was left wondering if it was a coincidence that Greta Van Susteran plastic surgery took place just prior to her role with ‘Fox news’. Some critics argue that her offer at Fox was contingent upon her agreeing to the facelift surgery.

Greta thinks that an opportunity to switch jobs provided her with the much needed time in between her work rigors. She always felt that there were bags under her eyes, and always wanted to fix that. In Jan 2002, she decided to pursue and engage in surgery to fix this.

There were rumors Greta applied eye corner surgery. Thus, in addition to get 2 naturally lids, her eyes will be balanced through corners and bigger eyes are open wider than before. The wrinkles are not so much as before and the ‘ crow's feet ‘ are not on her face anymore. However, after the first time, this method gradually revealing the defects can only push to launch vertically but not horizontally effects. This sometimes makes the eyes lose the inherent balance.

It is said that Greta Van Susteren also had had surgery to have bow smile. Cosmetic surgery easily causes complications but fortunately, after surgery, Greta become beautiful and charming as ever. Ever-present smile is always on her lips.

On the woman's face, the lips are a highlight to show the glamor, sexy and most attractive to the opposite. However, due to the nature or impact of objectivity, some stars do not get the beautiful lips as desired. Lips are too thin or too thick will affect the harmony and elegance of the face. In particular, defects, birth defects of the lip can be a burden that many psychological inferiority in life. Greta who was known with the smile "distortion" feature, apparently she wanted to change her appearance to become more perfect, have a mouth looks more cheerful, smiling as always deposited on her lips.

Robin Gerber, an author and a well-known critic of the U.S., said: "Prior to surgery, Greta Van Susteren is considered a major step in the fields of women like a political analysis by intelligence and analytical abilities of her great legal. Gerber also concluded that Van Susteren is a heartbreaking example of inequality for women. For smart ladies, more intelligent or not intelligent enough for the whole world still prioritize look at their appearance.

Greta Van Susteren: I Had A Cosmetic Surgery Eye Lift
This media journalist has gone on the record during an interview with People magazine and has openly talked about her eye lift.
She has done this much the way that Cameron Diaz’ plastic surgery has been discussed. Her procedure is known as an eye lift, and the star says that she was tired of the black bags under her eyes, and she had a month in between jobs.

During this time, she decided to have an operation, and there are no worst plastic surgery pictures that are found with other celebrity plastic surgeries.
Most have commented on the improvement that Susteren has accomplished with her new look, and many have talked about its effects on her new job.

The procedure and after phase:
Greta Van Susteran’s surgery was very short, it was a brief procedure involving a few hours of surgery, and within a week was fully functional. Greta did not suffer from post-operative pain and discomfort because she took pain killers just after surgery but eventually she did stop taking them.

This, in a way, helped eliminate side effects. However, even with no side effects from the painkillers, Greta’s face looked swollen due to surgery and her physician had advised her that the swelling would remain unchanged up to six weeks’ time. Despite everything looking fine, the swelling did not appear to fade after a few weeks.

One of the contentions of plastic surgery is that it could end up being a wrong change, and numerous examples of surgery going wrong –Jocelyn Wildenstein and Michael Jackson, for instance did not result in expected changes. In this case, we can conclude that Greta Van Susteran Plastic surgery was largely successful, with no or minimal negative effects, and helped her land, a good professional career.