Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gia Darling Plastic Surgery Lips Before and After Pictures

Finally, a top lip larger than Lisa Rinna's 
Hi my name is Gia Darling and if you have wandered this far on to Dr. Mayer’s web site well you are heading in the right direction! You have obviously gone through Dr. Mayer’s bio, credentials and all the wonderful procedures that he personally performs! I am writing my personal experience to share, in hopes that you make an educated and personal decision for you and you only!

I met Dr. Mayer when I was looking for someone to perform voice surgery on me a few years ago. I was not very happy with my tone and wished that it was a bit higher pitched. So, after many hours on the computer, I found Dr. Mayer’s name on many websites as one of the top voice surgeons in the US. I also remembered seeing him on various television shows about plastic surgery.

After all my research, I was ready to make an appointment and meet this Dr. Mayer fellow!

I was nervous, but still very excited. After getting off the phone with his receptionist I knew I was heading in the right direction; she was very courteous and extremely understanding of the help I was in search for.

I could not wait for the appointment time to come so I could find out what he had to say and how he could help me.
When I got there, I was greeted and was asked to fill out the usual forms. I sat in a very warm and modern consultation suite. I could not wait to meet Dr. Mayer! After talking to him and asking him what seemed like a million questions, he told me that he felt I should try and train my voice, because it was quite feminine as it was. He felt that my voice just needed a slight bit of work. I was upset because I thought it was something I needed to move forward in my transition. Reluctantly, I followed his advice and now I love my voice! I am very happy and thankful that I heeded his wonderful advice! He is a very scrupulous doctor.

After that initial meeting, I was sold! I often feel that there are many doctors that know how desperate some of us transgendered girls can be, and they often take advantage of our need to look like we feel.

So, when it came time for me to have my facial feminization, I had no doubt as to who I would turn to!

After an extensive nationwide search, we’ve found someone with a larger top lip than Lisa Rinna. This upper lip, while sharing the same fullness as Miss Rinnna’s, is even wider! Congratulations, transgender beauty, Allanah Starr!

I suspect she has lip implants and then also uses injection. In the video below, her lips are not as large.