Friday, March 21, 2014

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Botox Injections Before and After

Eva Mendes is no doubt a very pretty lady, but the speculation on her plastic surgery is vast. Not only is she said to have had a nose job, but breast implants and Botox too! This The Place Beyond the Pines star has reportedly denied having plastic surgery, saying, "No, not for me. That's a brutal operation. Very invasive." Well, here in this before and after picture it looks like her mind might have changed since then. Here in the first picture it appears that her nose has gotten a lot slimmer, with a more pronounced tip.
Eva Mendes, Latin actress and Hollywood star, definitely has a reputation for being gorgeous.  She can probably attribute many of her acting gigs to her good looks.  She has always just been assumed to have that natural beauty about her, but recently people wonder if she may have had some type of plastic surgery done.  She has openly said that she is against plastic surgery, but does that mean that she wouldn’t resort to it if it meant keeping her youth and beauty?

Eva Mendes is one of the most beautiful Latin actresses in Hollywood today. Her looks have gotten her featured in many films, and the media love to follow her pretty face around Tinseltown! Up until now, this famous Cuban actress has been assumed to be a natural beauty, especially given her opinions on plastic surgery, but there are some doubts arising that her claims are true.
Judging by her photographs from a few years back, and her photographs from now, her face has changed ever so subtly. Many actresses think that just because they don’t get a nose job or breast implants that nobody will notice they’ve made changes. Of course, hair, makeup, styling, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures can all account for a variety of changes to a person’s appearance, but the changes made to Eva’s face are drastic enough that the plastic surgery rumors are spreading.

It would appear that Eva has had a browlift to change the shape of her eyes, eyebrows, and forehead, and open up her face. She may have even been worried about wrinkles and fines lines that had begun to appear! While she still looks great, the shape of her face has changed drastically from the eyes up.
According to Eva, plastic surgery is ‘brutal,’ and ‘not for her.’ She has also called plastic surgery procedures ‘invasive.’ Of course, she wouldn’t be the first actress to express such opinions and then turn around and get some sly Botox injections, now would she? It would be embarrassing to be such a hypocrite now!

If you take a look at Eva Mendes plastic surgery before and after photo, you will really be able to tell that her face has had some subtle changes made to it.  Many actresses thing that they can get some small procedures and people won’t ever really notice that they have been under the knife.  Sure, hair styles, make-up artists, and other non invasive procedures can help to enhance appearance, but it seems that Eva’s changes are more drastic- and that has had a lot of people speculating about whether or not she had plastic surgery.

It appears, from the images, that she may have had a brow lift done at some point.  This has actually changed her face a whole lot, and made it look more open.  She might have done this to help get rid of some of the fine lines and wrinkles that may have started to show up as she got older.  The good news is that she still looks amazing.  This is great considering that many actresses don’t have the best results when they are having cosmetic procedures done.
Eva has even labeled plastic surgery as being ‘brutal’ and that she wouldn’t ever do it.  She also finds it to be invasive.  This really is no proof that she didn’t have any procedure done though, because many Hollywood stars have said that they were against plastic surgery, just to turn around to do it behind the scenes.  It just happens, even though it seems hypocritical.

When you look at Eva Mendes plastic surgery before and after photo, what do you think about it?  Do you think that she actually had plastic surgery done, or do you think that it is just a change in the way she had her brows shaped?  It really seems that she had a lift of some sort, and even the experts will agree with this.