Sunday, March 9, 2014

Emma Watson Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Photos

Emma Watson and the nose job rumor
First official Images from the mythological film ‘Noah’ were revealed !
The film is set to be released in theaters on March 28, 2014.
Most notable in this series was the form of the beautiful main character : Emma Watson.
Long wavy dark chestnut brown hair, hemp shirt with brown and gray scarf …
But they cannot overshadow her beauty …

We heard that Emma Watson was in this film (and we have always been fascinated by Noah's story, right?) and so we freaked out and now we want to watch this. It might have parts that are wrong in it depending on which religion you are but we still want to see it.
Emma seems to run in the woods with a brave, resilient heart as she just made an important decision. Emma Watson gives a full picture for her wild character : Ila, daughter-in-law of Noah.
21-year old Emma Watson is preparing for her upcoming film, an somehow, in the interview with Elle magazine, Emma said something about her thoughts on plastic surgery : that she does have insecurities about her appearance, but she isn’t a fan of plastic surgery … !

If we follow the changes in facial bones and nose as natural, we can clearly see that there is something different about this girl.

If we carefully look at recent pictures of her, we will notice the changes.
The nose in picture 2010 is thin and the tip of her nose is more defined than before.
The nose in picture 2009 is wider than the nose in picture 2010.

It had been rumored she did have nose surgery on her nose.
She  denies any alternation in her nose, but is the rumor true?
After all, have you ever seen such a beautiful girl like this?
When she reminds you how beautiful the girls can be, and you can't deny this.
We’re trying to tell that even if all your image is scripted, a little piece of truth can be lost in their.

And if she lies at one story it doesn't prove that she lies at the other one.
We think that every single case should be examined detached.
We don't know what to think about her if she really does a plastic surgery.

But I believe that her claim that she doesn't think she is perfect is true.
Because she doesn't seem confident in herself.

Emma Watson Nose Job(Rhinoplasty) Rumor

Who do not know the figure of Emma Watson? I’m sure if there were rumors about Emma Watson plastic surgery of nose job is something that is quite shocking. As we know that the ‘Hermione’ star in Harry Potter always looks natural and from year to year we can even easily see her growth. On many young celebrities who often do if they decide to do the plastic surgery is a nose job. In this case, if she has done a nose job, she would look different.
Indeed there are changes in the appearance of Emma Watson, but I think it is not because she has let surgeon dissected her face or body but because she was young and she grows that makes her looks a little different. From 2001 to 2011 she starred all eight Harry Potter films. It is obviously many pictures of her spread in public and we can easily compare her pictures. Is there any significant difference?

There are also a photo showing her nose in a bit different and it is curious. So did Emma Watson get nose job? She denied that, she also revealed in an interview with Elle magazine that she does have insecurities about her appearance, but she is not a fan of plastic surgery. And everyone knows there just a few celebrities who admit that she or he got plastic surgery, we just need to wait whether it is right or wrong.