Monday, March 3, 2014

Emilio Estevez Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Jobs, Facelift Photos

The popular movie actor Emilio Estevez made a name for himself in the 1980s all on his own –that is to say without using the name of his famous family. In fact, this son of Martin Sheen and brother to famous Charlie Sheen was part of another type of celebrity group as far as the public was concerned, the 80s “brat pack,” who appeared together in film after film. Today, Emilio is known for his directing talents, as well as his use of plastic surgery.
It seems clear that this actor has been under the knife more than once. It has been speculated that he has undergone a browlift, nose job (rhinoplasty), and may have used injectable fillers on his cheeks. The form of his eyes these days is rather hollow underneath, which when combined with his arched brows points to a browlift. The bridge of his nose has become straighter over the years, and the tip has been rounded, which are clear signs of a rhinoplasty. Lastly, his forehead is missing the furrows, wrinkles, and fine lines that a man in his fifties should be exhibiting. This makes it clear that he has begun to use injectable fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and possibly even Botox injections.

Plastic surgery expert Dr. Anthony Youn is worried about Emilio Estevez’s use of plastic surgery, believing the actor turned director is now looking altered and awkward. Some signs of aging are normal, and as much as many actors would enjoy it, turning back the clock entirely just isn’t possible. In fact, it seems that Emilio has even less deep lines on his face than when he was in his twenties, which clearly has given him an unnatural appearance.

Emilio Estevez Goes For Plastic Surgery
Twenty years ago Emilio Estevez plastic surgery made film after film as part of the 1980′s “brat pack.” Now that the 45-year old actor is a director, spending time behind the camera rather than in front of it, the son of legendary actor Martin Sheen and brother of Charlie Sheen, has ironically had several plastic surgeries to change his appearance as he directs films rather than stars in them.

Emilio Estevez, Rhinoplasty, Nose Job

In the 1980′s, Emilio Estevez was at the top of his popularity, starring in movies left and right as the handsome hero. He no longer looks like his former youthful self and even plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn has also taken note of his altered and awkward appearance.

As people age, their eyelids start to sag and the eyes puff out, but Emilio has hollows under his eyes, and very arched brows, giving him an extremely wide-eyed appearance, indicating a possible browlift. His nose also seems straighter and with a more rounded tip than his days in The Breakfast Club, indicating a potential rhinoplasty (nose job). Also, his cheeks are remarkably full for a middle-aged man, indicating the possible use of an injectable filler to add volume. Overall his appearance is nearly wrinkle-free, from the lack of furrows on his forehead to the lack of crow’s feet around the eyes and even less pronounced nasolabial folds (those are the smile lines that emanate from the corners of the mouth to the edges of the nose) than he had when he was in his 20’s, further indicating the use of injectable fillers such as Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm to iron out his wrinkles.

Emilio Estevez plastic surgery was a well known name in 80s era when he worked in many movies and did lots of creative and impressive roles. He was young and attractive then and needed no surgery or other cosmetic procedures at that time to keep him young. But now the situation is completely different as he has become aged now and like many other celebrities he is also worried about his skin, health and professional career. Like so many other celebrities who keep themselves young through fillers and surgeries, he is also inclined towards these things where the reports say that he uses fillers to keep his facial skin young and attractive.

There are reports that he has had a brow lift, and nose job through which he removed extra skin on his eyebrows and made his nose straighter and sharper respectively. The hollows under his eyes are the biggest proof that he had a brow lift. He is also said to use injectable fillers through which he adds volume to his hollow cheeks and make them attractive. The rounded tip of his nose suggests that he has changed it with the help of surgery.
Emilio Estevez appeared on mainstream in 80s through movie industry after he did some superb role in movies. He was quite a young man at that time and was full of passion and talent. He remained working in industry for the next many years and made his name through his hardworking and devotion to work. But then the facial appearance of the guy started changing. The facial skin started getting loose which made him really worried. This problem could even finish his career as well. To overcome this problem, he started using different fillers and other cosmetic procedures and also had a nose job and brow lift as well.

These procedures and fillers have helped him a bit get his previous appearance and look back, but it seems like he has not 100% succeeded in his aim yet.  There are still a number of problems available on his face, which is a big hurdle in his way. He is showing dark circles around his eyes which a hero should not have. Then he has crow’s feet and lines on his forehead, which is the other problem for him.

He does not work as an actor now, and has become a director. Now he spends his time behind the camera and really does not think about these procedures and fillers. He says that he has changed his profession and now he does not need to restore the previous look of his face, as he knows that it is not possible now.  That time has gone now and will never come back when he was a young charming boy.