Monday, March 10, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Cosmetic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Everybody who saw Enrique Iglesias at the beginning of his career, knew he was born with a very prominent mole on his face. After being famous for a while, he went ahead and had it removed, even though he had achieved fame and fortune with it in place. What could have been the motivation for this plastic surgery? Did Enrique have any other plastic surgery while he was already going under the knife?

What do you think of Enrique Iglesias’s new look? Does he look better than ever, or does he look like the product of plastic surgery?

Sometimes, people have moles removed because they are malignant and could be cancerous. In the case of Enrique, however, there is no indication that he was in danger because of his mole. Rather, it would seem that he chose to remove the mole for personal and cosmetic reasons. He is not alone in this, as many people remove moles they believe to be unsightly from the face.

It is well known that singer Enrique Iglesias started his career with a nevus very characteristic on his face, but he waited couple of years in the public eye before removing it, besides this it looks that he don’t have any other plastic surgery procedure.

Usually this kind of nevus is not malignant, that’s why for example insurance companies sometimes don’t pay for their removal, but for cosmetic reasons, the face is the place where they are removed most of the times.
Now we can see Enrique from all the angles, and his face is now days so popular that it is even taken as a model for people who want to have similar nose, cheeks, etc.

It’s not particularly common for men to look better as they get older. That’s why many people have suspected Enrique of getting plastic surgery as he ages. Rumors are circulating that he’s had Botox injections, which have kept away any wrinkles, and made him look younger than he actually is. These injections also give definition to the face to keep it from appearing aged, and eliminate fine lines like crow’s feet and frown lines.
Another source of suspicion is the fact that Enrique disappeared for a few months a while back, and came back looking better than ever. After a period of rest and recovery following plastic surgery, it would appear that he returned to the spotlight with a brand new look. Some people suspect he had a variety of procedures to rejuvenate his face like laser skin treatments, Botox treatments, and possibly even a facelift or liposuction.