Thursday, March 6, 2014

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Lips, Botox Injections, Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Nothing works like a shot of rocket fuel into the grounded career of an aspiring actress quite like some rumors that she’s had a boob job! Sometimes, it seems that actresses choose to have cosmetic surgery more for the media attention than for their new and improved looks! Not that we are complaining. All of these plastic surgery stories make for juicy gossip and great before and after photos.
Up and coming television celebrity Emily Procter is a perfect case in point for a name which is not known in every household, but has gained some momentum thanks to speculation that she has had a breast augmentation. She has appeared in American television shows such as CSI Miami, which is popular amongst its demographic as one of many crime shows to come out of the US each television season.

Looking at pictures of her from before and after, it’s easy to see that whether or not she did so surgically, she’s certainly making a point to emphasize her chest these days. The fact that they not only seem larger, but far rounder and perkier, generally indicates that it’s more than just a push-up bra.

In addition to her breast augmentation, there is also evidence that she has used some injectable fillers. These have been used on her face, such as her forehead. As she is reaching her mid-forties, it is about the time in life when celebrity women start to utilize plastic surgery. Evidence also suggests that she has used injections in her lips and on her cheeks to give her face a full and fresh look. The changes are subtle, far subtler than her chest anyway, and were likely meant to be very slight changes that appear more attractive to the camera.

Emily Procter Looks Unnatural Due Plastic Surgery
Did Emily Procter Have Plastic Surgery?

Emily Procter appearance has changed, she looks unnatural. Public speculates that she might have plastic surgery to boost her appearance. She seems to have breast augmentation, Botox and filler injection like Restylane or Juvederm.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer stated, it seems that she has had breast augmentation, her breast appears bigger.

Her face especially forehead looks like porcelain and flawless, it might as a touch of dermal injection like Botox and filler. It also makes her cheek bit puffed and her lip looks plumper.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif also stated she seems to have a nose job, Botox, brow lift and facial filler. Her eyes look sharper and bit narrow, it could be as a results of a brow lift.

Well, I believe that Emily has had plastic surgery, plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer & Dr. Paul S. Nassif give me a strong decision she has had plastic procedures. What do you think guys?
What Kind of Procedures She Had?
Emily Procter plastic surgery can make some parts of your body looks sexier and hotter. Emily Procter is one of whom rumored that had plastic surgery, especially on her breast that rumored had breast implants. And other parts of her body also rumored to have filler injections and Botox.

Look closer at detail on the photos of Emily Procter especially on her boobs, it looks bigger than her boobs on the past photos. The only proper words to describe what happened to her boobs is just breast implant or breast augmentation.
Even though the size of her boobs looks like it is natural, because the size fits with her body, but it is still strange that at her age she still has such tight boobs, more over it is bigger than when she was young.
It is reasonable if many people questioned and make speculations spread about her boobs and other parts of her body that have undergone plastic surgery. Do you one of whom who pro with Emily’s plastic surgery? Or conversely, you are contra.