Thursday, November 28, 2013

Brittany Murphy Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Jobs and Lip Augmentation Before and After

Brittany Murphy. May she rest in peace. During her much too short life, Brittany may have gone from curly brunette to straight blond, but she also underwent a number of very obvious plastic surgeries.
Brittany Murphy attracted lots of people for her outward appearance. Some of those people talked about that she may have had plastic surgery, and that she may have overdone it. People speculated that she had a breast augmentation, nose job, and lip augmentation.

The main object of Brittany’s focus would have been her lips. Brittany obviously had more than one round of Collagen injections. During her final years, her lips were far fuller than they had been in her Clueless days. Some would say she went too far on the lips, but since Brittany sadly isn’t here to defend herself, we will let that one be.
Did celebrity Brittany Murphy have plastic surgery and a breast augmentation with silicone boobs implants? Is this before and after images of Brittany MurphyƤs plastic surgery ot not?

It you compare the size of her breasts previously with the newer picture, you can see the change in size between the two, which may be due to a breast augmentation.

You can also see changes in her nose, although they are much subtler. There is some change in the bridge of the nose, which looks narrow than before. If she had a nose job, this was likely needless plastic surgery.
The third surgery may have been done to her lips, which have the most significant change. Her lips look unnaturally plump, overdone, and like fish lips. This looks like  a bad lip augmentation. Even though the lips are a small part of the face, they have a strong impact on someone’s look. Her lips did not turn out well, and she should reconsider doing anything else other than turning her lips back to normal.

If you look at Brittany’s nose in her final days, this too was worked on. The bridge was far narrower than before, although the nose itself doesn’t appear too different than its original incarnation. We can’t be sure why Brittany chose to have this seemingly needless surgery completed. The work didn’t enhance the nose, and the difference is barely noticeable. This seems to be quite a bit of pain and money to go through for a very small result.
Another quite obvious augmentation were the breasts. Brittany’s breasts appeared to grow over the years, and due to the fact that she wasn’t putting on weight, the culprit here would be breast implants. This was an actress obviously obsessed with appearing hot on the silver screen, and she certainly went out of her way, as well as paid a lot of money, to get it done.
It wasn’t plastic surgery that caused Brittany Murphy’s death, so we will not comment on the tragic aspects behind her life and career. But for the purpose of this website, we can state for certain that this actress had a whole lot of work done over the course of her far too short life